Jemelle Holopirek


Jemelle started working in the television business as a freshman college student in her hometown. She interned for KAKE’s sister station KLBY TV while attending Colby Community College. She finished her undergraduate work at Kansas State University.

Her first job after college was at KUPK TV in Garden City as an anchor/reporter. Jemelle moved to KAKE in December of 1997 as a general assignment reporter and weekend anchor. She now co-anchors Good Morning Kansas and KAKE News at 11:00 every weekday. In 2006, Good Morning Kansas won the Regional Emmy for Morning Newscast.

Jemelle enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. She enjoys coaching her children's sports teams and cheering on the K-State Wildcats. On a summer weekend you can find her jet skiing or on the boat at the lake with her family.

February 2012

Why Are We So Busy?

Trying to fit everything into your busy chaotic life can be hard but, also a little fun. Read More

Thunderstorms Tear Up Trampolines

Spring and summer storms can wreak havoc on trampolines. I grew up with one in my backyard for years and we never had problems with it blowing away. Read More

Fun Summer Activities, Anyone?

The kids are out of school and the fun begins!! You got to love it! At our house in the afternoon we have quiet time... Read More

Moms Need A Little Luck!!

Every day I wake up at 3 a.m., go to work, and dart home during my break to take the kids to school. Then it's back to the station after playing chauffeur for an hour. Read More

What's Your Favorite Part of the Day?

What's your favorite part of the day? The morning and your first cup of coffee? A light lunch at your favorite restaurant? Read More

Little Brother Bond

My sister and I have always called him our LITTLE brother but, he's now 34-years-old. So, I guess he's not so little anymore. Read More

Talking Back

Working on my little girl's sassy mouth. My six-year-old daughter sounded like a teenager for about a week - acting snotty and talking back. Read More

Potty Training Advice, HELP ME!

All moms out there- HELP ME! Here's the deal, my three year old son has been going potty on the toilet for months, but he will only poop in a diaper. Read More

Bah-Humbug Holidays

We read a story recently about holiday stress on the morning news. In a recent "Holiday Jeer” survey, 35 million Americans say they dread the holidays. Read More

Working Toward Milestones

We are trying to reach a couple milestones in my family. Read More

Teaching Kids It's OK To Lose

How do I teach my 8-year-old son that he doesn't have to be the best and to play even if he's not good at it? Read More

Parenting Advice from the Parentless

Isn't it funny how people without kids try to give you parenting advice? I have many friends who don't have kids. Read More

Expensive Adoptions

I have several friends who are trying to get pregnant and are finding it difficult. Some have been trying for years and they are wanting to adopt. Read More

These Are the Best Times of Our Lives!

My children are growing up too fast.. I think every parent says this! I have a son who is 7, Daughter 5 and another son 2. They are all about to have their birthdays. Read More

Explaining Osama bin Laden to Little Ones

Last night my husband came into my room as I was talking to my children before bed and he said "Osama Bin Laden is dead". It just came across the news. My 7 and 5 year olds looked up at me and said "who is that, Mommy?" Read More

Potty Training Success

My little 2-year-old boy (almost 3) went potty on the toilet the other day. Even though this is my 3rd child it's still a great milestone! Read More

Little Girls Grow Up Too Fast

My 5-year-old daughter is going on 16. My young daughter loves everything about growing up. It seems like little girls think and act so much older than their ages. Read More

Cranky Days

If you're a mom, you've probably had those days when everyone is a little on the grouchy, snotty or bratty side. Read More

Happy New Year!

Watched the movie "Letters To God" with the family last night. Read More

Elizabeth Edwards

I just read Elizabeth Edwards first book and I'm anxiously waiting to read her second book. This week we covered her long battle with cancer and her recent death. It made me think of what she had written in her book. Read More