Jen Lennon

KKTV Moms Everyday Host Jen Lennon spent most of her childhood growing up in Colorado Springs.

KKTV Moms Everyday Host Jen Lennon spent most of her childhood growing up in Colorado Springs.

Jen graduated from Doherty High School in the Springs and then headed to the Midwest to pursue an education that would combine her love of the arts and working with children. Jen holds a B.S. in Performance Studies and an M.S. in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University.

Jen is passionate about children…her own and others. “Being a mom is the most exhausting and exhilarating job! I believe in not only investing time in my own children’s development, but in all children in our community. Moms Everyday has been the perfect opportunity for me to sit down with our expert partners and ask the questions all moms want to know. KKTV has provided a wonderful forum for moms to connect, learn and share.”

Jen continues to pursue her love of the arts by performing and teaching most recently with the Fine Arts Center, C.S. Children’s Chorale, and Academy District 20.

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