Out of the Mouths of Babes

Last week we were all sitting around at a family dinner at my mother’s house. It was a collection of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. The conversation turned toward all the funny things we said as kids. I’m sure you’ve had this after dinner discussion around your table, too. My kids are always fascinated by what I said as a little girl…I guess it’s just hard for them to imagine Mom being three years old!

I won’t go into details about all the funny little kid-isms we shared, but I will tell you about the one that wins…hands down…every time this conversation occurs. The infamous words were uttered by my middle child who happens to be 13 months to the day younger than his brother. The family fable goes like this:

In the toddler phase of raising two boys so close in age, there are numerous wrestling matches, lots of rough housing and’ “Honey, come and see if his pupils are dilating right, fill-in-the-blank just banged his head again” moments. It was on an unusually peaceful and relatively quiet afternoon that I was blissfully listening to my two toddlers playing side by side in the other room. All was right with the world.

My feelings of motherly serenity were confirmed when I overheard my oldest spontaneously declare to his brother, “I love you, Ryan.”

As the maternal pride swelled in my heart for such a sibling connection I surely must have melded, I heard the sweet little voice of the brother’s reply, “I love me, too!”

And then reality returned to my June Cleaver world. Ah, brotherly love…and the honesty of an egocentric two year old. There’s nothing quite like it!

I’d love to hear your best kiddo quotes…please share!

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Jen Lennon
Jen is the mother of two boys and a girl who keep her and her husband of 20 years busy driving from the theater to the hockey rink to the dance studio.
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