Marilee Morrow


Marilee Morrow, who was awarded tenure in 2010, is an Associate Professor and News/Sports Director for student-based radio and television broadcasts at Marietta College. In addition to teaching a variety of mass media courses for undergraduate and graduate students, Morrow conducts international study tours, takes students to professional association conventions, and has presented specialized workshops as well as her academic research at conferences, conventions and educational institutions around the world. Morrow also serves as faculty advisor for the Marietta College chapter of The National Broadcasting Society (and its honorary, Alpha Epsilon Rho) and served multiple years as an elected national officer and board member for the organization. Additionally, she has functioned as the director of the McKinney Media Center and as the director of the Master of International Corporate Media Program at Marietta College.

Over her career, Morrow has served in a variety of on and off-air roles: Award winning senior television news/documentary producer; talk show producer and announcer; free-lance writer, producer and special features host; supervisor of studio production for NFL radio broadcasts; and continuity and production director of major market radio and television stations in Ohio and West Virginia. Morrow’s work has been recognized nationally with awards such as an Associated Press Best Documentary Award and National Broadcasting Society Professional Electronic Media Awards. Morrow, also owns Morton Media and Marketing, a broadcast consulting agency.

Her classification as a Human Communication and Media/Technical Communications Specialist stems from her years of professional experience, her Masters Degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication from West Virginia University, and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Telecommunications from Ohio University.

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