Always Check Your Receipt!

After several incidents in the last couple of months, I never leave a store without checking over my receipt first!

I used to always walk out of a store, bags in hand, headed for my car. I don't do that anymore.

After looking at my receipt a few times recently, I've noticed several errors! This has happened at several stores that I've always frequented. I wish I would've starting doing this a long time ago. It sickens to me realize how many times I could have lost money!

In my experience, errors can be blamed on the registers and the humans at the check out.

When I notice these errors and try to get them corrected, I've had good experiences and bad.

Twice last month I spotted errors on my receipts from Hyvee.

In one case, frozen organic fruits had a sale sign posted next to them, yet they rang up full price. I pointed out the problem to customer service and was given a FULL refund.

In a second instance, my frozen ground turkey came up at full price, when there was also a sign next to them. I tried to tell the cashier. He then tried to ask an assistant manager while I was at the check out. Neither one of them understood and did not correct the problem.

After I paid for my groceries, I turned around, went back to the frozen meat section to double check. Sure enough, there was a sale sign and it was in the right spot. So I took a picture with my cell phone.

I went to the customer service counter where I showed my receipt, the product and the picture. The young woman working there was so sweet. She was very apologetic and made things right.

Did you know that it is Hyvee policy to give you a FULL refund for items that ring up incorrectly?

I got 4 pounds of free ground turkey that day because of the mistake. The cashier who helped me was really sweet and eager to help.

If I had been rung up correctly, I would've saved roughly 6 dollars with the sale price. Since it was all wrong and I was refunded the money I spent, I walked out of there with the $14 and change that I brought in!

Then there was an experience yesterday. I went to my local Target store. I only bought 5 items. I did, however, have 6 coupons for those items.

I paid for those items, moved out of the way and immediately looked over my receipt. I bought 5 items, but my receipt showed 6. I had 6 coupons, but only 5 were applied to my purchase. Instead of taking off $2 from my order, somehow the cashier added $2!

I went right to the customer service counter and explained what happened. She refunded me $2 for the extra charge.

It took me several hours, and the help of my husband, to realize that I still wasn't given the $2 deduction for my missed coupon! And they kept it!

I had to make a second trip to my local Target that day to resolve the problem. The same young woman was working the customer service counter where I was refunded my $2 extra charge that morning. I explained to her that I still didn't get my $2 discount for the coupon that was taken, but not applied.

She never said anything to me. She took my receipt, stared at it for a while, then punched some things up on the register and handed me $2 in cash.

No apology, no 'have a nice day'... she didn't say a word!

I found this to be very rude. I had to make a separate trip to the store because my order was incorrect twice.

Last week I bought ibuprofen at a different Target store. The shelf said it was $.99. It rang up $1.49. Again, I had to go to customer service for a refund because it didn't ring up correctly. I also got no apology for the inconvenience that time.

In the end everything was resolved, but it only solidified my belief that you should always look over your receipt before you leave a store.

These experiences also make me a little sad! I love Target! I've shopped there for as long as I can remember. I grew up shopping at the Target on White Bear Avenue in St. Paul. I've been a huge fan of Target stores my entire life.

The next time you go shopping, please remember these examples and check your receipt before you walk back to your car!

You could be leaving behind money that is rightfully yours!

Have you had any similar experiences?

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Melanie Bloom
In her spare time, you can find Melanie spending time with her husband and their two children, Bryce and Gillian.
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