First Thanksgiving Dinner A Success

This year I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner and it was an overall success. There were some wins and some losses, but it was a great meal and a wonderful day with my family!

There was one moment in the morning where I thought the whole dinner would be derailed! We were about to put the turkey in the oven when I realized that I had no roasting pan! A quick run to the grocery store for a disposable aluminum pan saved the day!

I cooked the entire meal myself. I did some prep work the night before and so I didn't have to get started on Thanksgiving day until around 10am.

My husband helped with the turkey because I couldn't bring myself to handle raw meat and dig around inside the carcass. He put the rub on the turkey and removed the neck for me. He said there was no bag of giblets. We'll discuss more about the giblets later.

We had stuffing, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, sweet potato fries, an apple pie and a pecan pie.

The mashed potatoes were perfect, the stuffing was sticky and I overcooked the sweet potatoes, but they were all palatable and still delicious!

My apple pie was perfect, but the pecan was a different story. I'd never made a pecan before. It wasn't even a pie, it was a bowl of sugary soup. I don't understand what went wrong! I thought I followed the recipe, but apparently not! My grandmother always makes a delicious pecan pie at Thanksgiving, so it was my hope to recreate it. Maybe next year I'll try again!

I'd never made a turkey before, either. It came out of the oven looking and tasting perfectly. It was delicious and moist! We barely did anything to treat it, either. I was very surprised. Several days later, my husband is still enjoying turkey sandwiches with the leftovers. :)

Thanksgiving day presented a first for my husband as well. Rusty carved his first turkey. It wasn't pretty, but the meat tasted the same!

During the carving process, we found the bag of giblets! It was way in the back of the turkey! We didn't look over there! That's a rookie mistake, I suppose!

I was also so happy to see my two year old son actually eating the meal! He's a picky eater, but he ate the sweet potato fries and the cooked carrots. That is good enough for me!

It was a fun day of cooking and cleaning! It is not very often that I can say that I spent an entire day cooking and washing dishes, but I really did enjoy it!

How did your Thanksgiving dinner turn out? Did you host or help? Tell me about your hits and misses!

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Melanie Bloom
In her spare time, you can find Melanie spending time with her husband and their two children, Bryce and Gillian.
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