On To Summer!

My family has just made it through a very busy time! The end of April and the first two weeks of May will, for the rest of our lives, be a very busy time!

Now that it is almost June, we can finally take a break! :)

Things began on April 30th when my daughter, Gillian, turned 1 year old.She has changed so much in the last several months. She's close to walking and started to eat a wider variety of foods.

This is a picture of her eating her very first solid food! It is a cupcake! Good choice, right?! I brought a dozen party sized cupcakes for a birthday party at daycare. She ripped that cupcake apart and devoured it! I was such a proud momma.

Less than two weeks later, on May 9th, Rusty and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. That date landed on a Thursday. At our house, it was just another Thursday! Rusty and I did sneak in a quick lunch date together. 45 minutes of a lovely lunch was good enough for me! Our lives are so busy and we never have a day off at the same time, we rarely get time to talk when a toddler and baby are not present and we have to talk over them!

We knew that having both of our kids' birthdays near our anniversary would mean we'd be forgotten! ;)

Two days after our anniversary is our son's birthday. He turned 3 years old this year! It is a good thing his birthday is two days later. His due date was on our 1st wedding anniversary! That really would've been interesting!

We had a birthday party at a friend's house to celebrate Bryce turning another year older. He was so excited about opening presents. He's very gentle about ripping off wrapping paper. He always has! The birthday cake was the piece de resistance! During a shopping trip at the grocery store a few months ago, we made the mistake of walking near the bakery department. There was a Thomas the Tank Engine cake on display, complete with a bridge and Thomas and Percy characters on tracks on top of the cake! He flipped! That boy had to have that cake!

We ended up taking him out of the store screaming and crying.

That happened about three months ago. He had been asking for that cake nearly every single day ever since.

On this birthday, he finally got it! His eyes lit up. This is a picture of him with his friend, Wrigley, checking over the cake before we dug into it!

Tack on Mother's Day the very next day, and we have a very busy few weeks!

Now that we're beyond all of that, it is time to enjoy the warmer weather. We're very excited about that! We're also very excited about moving into a new home soon. In less than two months we will finally have a house to call our own in Lincoln. Sharing a 2 bedroom apartment for the last several months has not been easy. We can't wait to spread out and enjoy our wonderful new neighborhood!

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Melanie Bloom
In her spare time, you can find Melanie spending time with her husband and their two children, Bryce and Gillian.
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