Father's Day 2013

This article, entitled "Father's Day 2013," comes from Melanie Bloom, MomsEveryday blogger from Lincoln, NE.

Father's Day 2013 will be a holiday that we'll never forget.

The day started out perfectly. Rusty, the kids and I woke up and had brunch at Valentino's. We just love their brunch buffet and dad's got to eat for half price, so it just seemed like a great idea!

Bryce ate pancakes, we had pizza, salads... we sampled it all! It is so nice when our 3 year old son actually eats when we go out to eat. When he's occupied eating, that frees up time for us to eat as well :)

Right after we ate, we decided to walk off some calories and enjoy the weather, so we went to the Lincoln Children's Zoo. Going to the zoo is one of our favorite activities. We go there a couple of times every month.

Since we're members, its nice to go there and casually stroll around, let Bryce play at the playground and check out the animals.

So far, it was a really nice day! We enjoyed ourselves and everyone was in a good mood!

Once the kids were worn out, it seemed like a good time to head home for nap time.

Gillian fell asleep on the ride home. Bryce however, didn't feel like napping anymore!

Since Bryce didn't feel like sleeping, what else would a toddler want to do but play?

He was running and playing, having a great time. Then he went to sit on a plastic storage tub. There was no lid on it.

Gravity did its job and tipped the tub over. Bryce and the storage tub toppled right into the corner of his train table.

He hit it just under his eyebrow. A one inch long gash.

The poor little guy started crying! It had to have hurt pretty bad!

So, around 5pm on Father's Day, Bryce and his dad spent time together at an urgent care clinic.

I stayed home with Gillian and waited by my phone for updates.

Rusty said the staff took really care of our little boy and that he was totally calm. Bryce never cried the whole time they gave him stitches. All 5 of them!

Within an hour, they were back home and Bryce was feeling fine and acting like himself again.

His eye is blue and a day later, a nice sized bruise was developing.

It is unclear yet if Bryce will have a scar from this incident, but we can be certain that we'll have a story to tell for many years to come.

Rusty said this will be a Father's Day he'll never forget, for good and bad reasons.

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In her spare time, you can find Melanie spending time with her husband and their two children, Bryce and Gillian.
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