From the Mouth of Babes

Liz Fogle

I hate to sound so cliche, but “Kids say the darndest things,” especially in our household! Bug (my daughter) is my little “Pete and Repeat”. Her little ears are always listening and wheels always turning. Sometimes I never know what is going to come out of her mouth.

We don’t curse in our household; but my husband and I do have a few sarcastic one-liners or phrases we use. Some of the most popular phrases are: “Uhhh...No,” “Don’t tell me that,” “Do you think that is a smart decision,” “I just really don’t care,” “That’s ridiculous,” “I don’t think so,” “I am a hot-mess”. These are just a few statements that Bug is now repeating and coming back to bite us in the behind!

Sarcasm and a 4-year-old are not always a good mix, but sometimes it is really funny and all you can do is laugh!!! The first timeBug told us she was a “hot-mess,” we were shocked, but all we could do was laugh. Okay…I know that wasn’t the wisest choice as parents, but it was just too funny not to. Needless to say, we have started watching some of our one-liners, but Bug’s little ears are always listening!!!

Bug is not only a little “Pete and Repeat”, but she also has no filter. Whatever Bug thinks…is what is going to come out of her mouth. This is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a really bad thing! I will share a recent incident in the adventures of Bug. We were in the middle of my Grandmother’s funeral when Bug decided to offer a little commentary on the slideshow playing. In one particular picture, my Grandmother was dressed in a beautiful suit with sunglasses on. Lily decided that she looked like a “Rock Star!!!” in that picture and wanted to share that information with everyone! I thought we were all going to roll in the floor with laughter (talk about the worst timing too). We did our best to suppress our laughter and smiles, but what can I say, Bug was being Bug! She had no idea what she had done, but it did lighten then mood a little.

Not every incident with my little “Pete and Repeat” is always funny. We had an incident at Christmas, but this time it involved a curse word. I will emphasize we don’t curse in our house and we are not sure where Bug learned it! She used a curse word to describe a piece of sour candy. My husband and I were shocked and mortified. We thought maybe she didn’t say it, so we had her repeat it. After having Bug repeat the word for the 3rd time, we were pretty sure what the word was! Oh…My!!! To this day, we aren’t sure where she learned the word and how to use it correctly. We had to quickly explain to her that we don’t talk like that or use that word.

What can I say; it is always an adventure with a 4 year-old! I love my comical, crazy, sassy, sweet, and surprising daughter! Kid’s really do say some of the most surprising and shocking things.

So do your kids repeat your one-liners? What is the most shocking thing your child has said and where (b/c you know it is always at the worst time)?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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