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I'm Stacy Johnson, founder of Money Talks News.

For more than 20 years, our mission has been simple: to give people like you both the information and inspiration you need to accomplish your goals.

I'm Stacy Johnson, founder of Money Talks News. For more than 20 years, our mission has been simple: to give people like you both the information and inspiration you need to destroy your debts, build your savings and accomplish your goals, whatever they are.

You can trust our advice: I've been a CPA for 30 years and publish my stock portfolio online. So check out a few articles and videos, then subscribe. It’s free, only takes a few seconds, and could change your life.

Taxpayers plan to put their refunds to good use

Many Americans say they plan to do something very smart with their tax refund. Here's how you can join them. Read More

3 reasons you should switch credit cards

A new study finds that 32 million Americans haven't changed their preferred credit card company in at least 10 years. Here's why that's a mistake. Read More

9 ways your phone can slash grocery costs

These nine apps and websites can get you cash back on groceries, or help you squeeze the most from the ingredients you have on hand. Read More

8 Valentine's Day gifts that keep on giving

Check out these heartfelt offerings that are romantic, certainly, but also can provide financial value well beyond the holiday. Read More

Amazon unveils $20 'STEM' toy subscription club for kids

A gift that keeps on giving, this club enables your children or grandchildren to learn through play with science, technology, engineering and math toys. Read More

Tax hacks 2017: don’t miss these 16 often-overlooked tax breaks

These tax deductions and tax credits can help you avoid paying more than your fair share to Uncle Sam this tax season. See which ones fit your situation. Read More

The home remodeling projects with the best payback

When it comes to remodeling, there’s what we want, then there’s what we need. Read More

7 fast ways to raise your credit score

Fiscal fitness: Get your sagging score into shape in the new year. Read More

7 foolproof organizing tricks you don’t know

Swimming in a sea of paper and can't find the title to your car? Use these tips to create a simple, sane storage system. Read More

8 smart ways to pay off debt fast

Do you desperately want to speed up your debt-reduction efforts? Here's how to do so without a crash diet. Read More

20 simple hacks to make your stuff last longer

You could save money if you didn’t have to replace stuff so often, right? We’ve got 20 tips to help you extend the life of everything from soap to cars. Read More

8 benefits of prepaid debit cards

Prepaid debit cards have been criticized for having excessive fees, but that doesn't mean that some aren't worth considering. Here's why. Read More

12 tips for gracefully returning holiday gifts

Here's your guide to delicately and cleverly turning unwanted gifts into cash, store credit and more. Read More

10 top-rated charities for year-end donations

An organization that helps children in poverty is the first nonprofit to earn Charity Navigator's four-star rating for 16 consecutive years. Read More

10 pantry staples to start any meal

Can't figure out what to make for dinner? Keep these foods on hand and you'll always be ready to make a great meal. Read More

11 of the hottest board games this holiday season

The holidays are the perfect time to unplug, gather your friends or family around the table and partake in some friendly competition with a board game. Read More

9 best gift cards to give for the 2016 holidays

While gift cards were the most popular type of present in 2015 for the ninth consecutive year, not all gift cards are created equally. Read More

Why you should stop and think before buying holiday gift cards

Giving plastic cards is convenient, but is it really better than just writing a check? Read More

Beware these 13 repeat, higher-priced Black Friday ‘deals’

Many retailers are offering some of the same deals in 2016 as they did in 2015. And some stores are charging higher prices this year. Read More

7 different and awesome ways to celebrate Thanksgiving

Ditch the turkey and stuffing and give thanks in a whole new way. Read More

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