Barb Velasco

I'm a regular mom trying to survive the crazy world of parenthood.

I am a stay-at-home mom of a school-aged daughter and not-quite-school-age son.  I am passionate about my family, friends, writing, running and crafts.  I'm a regular mom trying to survive the crazy world of parenthood.

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The Kindergarten Honeymoon

Christian has started kindergarten. Like most kids, he was conflicted. He was excited. He was nervous. He was pumped. He was scared. Read More

Not Enough Of Me

Is it fair to make one child miss activities in favor of the other child's activities, especially when their schedules conflict? Read More

Plugged In and Disconnected

I love my electronics as much as the next person. My kids love to play on the iPad or Wii. But, we do not allow electronics at ANY meal - at home or in public. Read More

Nosy and Inappropriate Questions

It's OK for kids to ask where babies come from. It is NOT OK for adults to ask nosy and inappropriate questions to a pregnant woman or new mother. Read More

The Loosest Tooth

Kids may not know the value of a dollar, but they sure know the value of a loose tooth. Read More

Silent Suffering

Some children don't suffer in silence. These same children usually don't do ANYTHING in silence. Read More

A Five Year Old's Existential Crisis

Christian turned 5. This was an event months and months in the making. Every time a classmate had a birthday, he got upset that yet another kid was gaining on him in the age department. Read More

Preschool - No Place For Wimps

In the name of all that is good and holy...... I have a newfound respect and admiration for preschool teachers, especially those honored to have my son in their class. Read More

Democracy Doesn't Live Here

I like to think of myself as a benevolent dictator. I am lord and master of my domain. I want respect and obedience. I do not want nor will I indulge whining and open defiance. Read More

Beauty Is...

Beauty comes in all sizes, forms and shapes. Beauty is all around us. If we choose to look for it. Read More

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