Nicole Knepper

Nicole Knepper is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with two advanced degrees (psychology and gerontology) whose blog, "Moms who Drink and Swear," became the basis for her first book.

Nicole Knepper is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with two advanced degrees (psychology and gerontology) whose blog, "Moms who Drink and Swear," became the basis for her first book, "Moms Who Drink and Swear: True Tales of Loving My Kids While Losing My Mind." "Nikki," or the "Queen of Cussin," as she is known to her three quarters of a million fans in the social media, is known for her commitment to using her vast and diverse audience to raise awareness and funds for charitable organizations.

Nikki's broad knowledge base and boundless enthusiasm for educating others about mental illness and overall emotional wellness is obvious in her writing. Her unique style of weaving common sense, healthy psychology, and humor into her off-color, sometimes profanity laced blogs and stories is not for the faint of heart! Nikki's honest, nothing topic is ever off limits observations about the hilarity and heartache in life consistently draws in new readers, and has resulted in a large and army of loyal readers who identify themselves proudly as fellow moms (and dads and single people get it, right?) who drink and swear.

Social Media and Mental Health

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Mom's Letter to Santa Claus

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What I know about parenting a teenager because I remember what it felt like

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Are You Stupid Smart?

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Crushing the Stigma of Mental Illness, One Blog Post Tirade at a Time

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Teachable Moments

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What is Orthexia?

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Being the Mom Doesn't Mean Being the Maid

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Teenagers and Drugs: The First One Is Always Free

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Please tell me this stuff happens in your house too

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