Pam Tauscher

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Pam Tauscher worked as a news reporter and broadcaster for over 20 years before leaving the business in 2009 to spend more time as a mom. Pam came to Madison in 1990 and worked as a News Anchor at NBC15 for 12 years. It was there Pam met and married sports broadcaster Craig Coshun. Together they have two boys and live in the Madison area. In her career Pam won numerous awards for reporting excellence. But she says her most challenging and rewarding work comes in her current role as CEO of her family. Pam also writes a popular parenting column found each month in the Wisconsin State Journal, and is active in community programs like Little League and the Henry Vilas Zoo and is an advocate for adopting homeless animals.

Pregnant women more prone to gingivitis

Dental health is a common issue that's overlooked during pregnancy. Read More

Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

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Moms Lobby for Medical Marijuana

Moms will do anything for their children. One mother is lobbying for better access to hemp oil for her daughter's health. Read More

The Importance of Caregiver Health

Most unpaid caregivers are women and most of them need a break for their own health. Read More

How to Annoy Your Sibling

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Welcome Back, Spring!

Finally, after this eternally long winter, the birds are singing. Read More

I Got This! (not)

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Leftover Candy Woes

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Breastfeeding Study

Babies who are breastfed receive many benefits… and new research suggests those benefits stretch throughout the child’s life. Read More


This is my first year to experience the joys of final exams with my freshman son. Read More

Thank You Note, Not

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Drowning in Housework

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Life's Challenges

January is the month of tests isn’t it? Our stamina is tested with the short days, cold temperatures and plenty of cloudy skies. But if you are among those working to keep those resolutions alive, the tests are even greater. Read More

One Last Halloween

I’m a little sad about Halloween this year. It may be the last year for us for the mad dash to candy euphoria. Halloween has always been a big deal for us. We decorate the house, make an annual trip to the pumpkin patch and carve jack o lanterns for the front porch. Read More

Ready, Set, Go!

It was months in the planning, and the effort was nothing short of organizing a peace summit. Of course the chance to leave town for even a day or two without taking the children along is a crazy notion. Read More

Timing is Everything

Sometimes you just know when the time is right. That’s a little how we ended up making a return trip to Disney World in Orlando. It was not the perfectly planned, perfectly timed, perfectly prepared for trip. But the end result was perfect. Read More

Saying Goodbye to Clutter

Why is it at my house I am the only one who can find things that to me seem painfully obviously in plain sight. Read More

Handwritten Christmas Cards

This morning I am making time in my schedule to hand write Christmas cards. Read More

How Do You Explain the Penn State Scandal to a Child?

How Do You Explain Allegations of Sexual Abuse at the Hands of an Esteemed Football Coach and Youth Leader to a Child? Read More

Halloween Costumes

Over the years we have enjoyed Halloween costumes the most that were not purchased but put together from closets, attics, basements and dollar stores and born simply from my sons’ imaginations. Read More

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