Rebecca Regnier

Rebecca Regnier is an award winning journalist. She hosts a television show called Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate and writes a weekly newspaper humor column.

Rebecca Regnier is an award winning journalist. She hosts a television show called Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate and writes a weekly newspaper humor column. Her humor blog has been highlighted in Shape, Fitness, and More Magazines as one of the most fun for dieters on the web. Rebecca is a social media pioneer who wrote the book Your Twitter Diet. She’s often sought out by major brands from Kraft to Weight Watchers to bring her witty content to campaigns and product launches. In addition she runs a non-profit that, to date, has contributed over half-a-million dollars in facility improvements to her local school district. If it’s social media, parenting, dieting, school fundraising, regular media, or Grease lyrics Rebecca is your go to chick. She’s a wife and mother of two.

The other "b" word

The COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sanberg, has decreed that the word "bossy" is not politically correct. Read More

Viral social media challenge damaging teens' body image

The goal of the challenge is to achieve a waist no wider than an eight inch sheet of paper. Read More

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His and Hers Dishwashers

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Kid food, mom food, happy diet food

It can be hard to make food your kids like that moms can eat without guilt. Read More

Slow Cooker Chicken and Peppers

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Portion Controlled Valentine Treat

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Valentine Love Letter to My Diet Buddy

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Santa DOES Keep a List

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Burn More than Dinner for the Holidays

Did you know the holiday dinner offers an opportunity to burn more of calories/fat/carbs/(insert terrible thing you’re counting here)? Read More

Why I Don't Send Christmas Cards

There’s one thing I don’t do…Christmas Cards. Well I don’t sew or speak Finnish either but I’m really keeping in the realm of the holiday traditions for today. Read More

Portion Control Freak

This is a sample of the laugh it off mindset I bring to diet and fitness. Read More

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