It Doesn't Get Any Easier

I cried when my kids went to Kindergarten. I cried when they graduated from Brownies to Girl Scouts. I cried when they rode heir first bike. get the picture. The thing is, it doesn't matter how often you get to see them, it is the PASSAGES that really make you cry!! One of my girls started High School two weeks started College. Even though the College girl is close, she doesn't live in my home anymore!! Everyone can talk or text or skype everyday!! Yes you can!!!......but she still doesn't live at home anymore. It is the passage of time and the knowledge that you will never be back in the previous "time period" with your kids.

Let alone the worry!!! So when do you stop worrying about them??? Not when they go to High School....not when they leave home.....not even when they get married (some people have told me).

Basically, I hear, you will worry about them until the day you die!!! Plus when they have kids (I hear) then start worrying about the grandkids!!! I'm exhausted. So is the worry worth the joy?? Hmmmm....tonight..absolutely!!! Ask me another night,,that may change.. But tonight... I wouldn't trade the joy AND the worry for anything!! Love my girls!!

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Susan Peters
Susan Peters co-anchors KAKE News at Five, KAKE News at Six and KAKE News at Ten.
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