Another Birthday for My Boy

My son turned 11 this month! How can that be? Time goes so quickly… as all parents say. But it’s so true.

This week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge proudly introduced their royal baby to the word. The new parents holding Prince George of Cambridge in London reminded me of my proud moments holding my royal baby in Knoxville, Tennessee in July 2002.

I was the same age as Kate Middleton when Jacob was born. And he, too, is a July baby. As Kate said, “It’s a very emotional time.”

And it’s still emotional when each year passes, and your child gets a little older. My little boy has grown into a kind, intelligent and hard working young man. And I’m thankful that he’s well-rounded, too. He loves singing just as much as playing baseball. But, when it came to picking his birthday theme, my little pitcher picked baseball again.

I have to share a tip on the invitations for this year's party. I was running out of time, and checked the Walmart photo site online. I found a cute baseball photo card and uploaded a picture of Jacob pitching. For just six bucks, we had an invitation with a major league appearance!

And then Linda Hudson at Lincoln’s Butterfly Bakery hit a home run again by decorating the cake to match the invitation.

I’ve included a few pictures from the birthday. I'd love to hear about your kids' parties, too.

Happy Parenting!



Taryn Vanderford loves being a mom to her two elementary-aged kids, Jacob and Olivia.  Activities with the kids and a full-time job keep Taryn pretty busy, but in her free time she enjoys taking pictures, reading, Jazzercising, gardening, traveling and playing the piano for church.

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Taryn Vanderford
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