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The other day I was in the Dollar Tree and saw Eggies (an As Seen On TV product) that promised to hard boil eggs without the shell. Now since it was only a dollar, I decided I had to try it. I actually don’t mind peeling hard-boiled eggs but there have been times I’ve pulled as much egg away as shell so I thought, let’s see how well this works.

The box contains 6 Eggies, which consists of 4 pieces per Eggie…a lid, collar, bottom half and top half. You do need to coat the inside of the Eggies with either non-stick cooking spray or oil, which needs to be applied with a paper towel. I thought they were easy to put together and while the application of the cooking spray was an extra step not shown on TV, it didn’t really take that long.

Once you have the bottom half and top half put together with the collar, you simply crack an egg into the Eggies and then screw the lid onto each one.

Then you place your filled Eggies gently into a saucepan, making sure they are floating. Bring water to a boil and follow cooking times on the chart provided.

Now I have a tendency to like REALLY hard-boiled eggs. The time chart provided said for my size of egg, to boil for 15 to 19 minutes. I boiled them for 15 and they were actually too hard, almost rubbery. But the next ones I cooked for about 12 minutes and they were perfect. I was a bit worried about cooking eggs in plastic but it’s BPA free.

When the Eggies are done, you remove them with a slotted ladle and let them sit for 3 to 7 minutes till they are cool enough to touch. You open the lid, unscrew the middle collar and by gently squeezing the bottom, after the top has been removed, the egg is free. For me, the eggs popped out easily. Now even though I used an extra-large egg, it still didn’t fill the Eggie up and I thought they were a bit misshapen. But they tasted like regular hard-boiled eggs. You can also add your favorite seasonings before boiling.

I bought mine at the Dollar Tree for a dollar, but they might not be at your local store. I find that sometimes they get a certain product in, sell out, and that’s it. Amazon has them for $4.73 and sells them for $5.99. Would I buy it again? Probably not because I don’t mind cracking and peeling eggs. But I do think they would be great if you have someone in the family who likes to eat boiled eggs a lot…especially little ones who can easily grab one from the fridge and not have to peel it. Or if you make foods that require a lot of boiled eggs. They do wash well in the dishwasher and the Eggies comes with an egg separator that easily helps separate the white from the yolk. And if you don’t mind the “odd” shape, this would save a ton of time making deviled eggs.

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