Clever Ways To Use Cat Litter

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I found a pair of winter boots in the garage the other day that I haven’t used in a couple of years and I don’t know if a critter found its way in them to keep warm or what but boy did they stink! I didn’t find any droppings (mouse) or skeletons in them so I’m not for sure what caused the odor but they were nasty.

And no, the odor did not come from my feet…just saying.

Anyway, the odor seemed more powerful than just sticking a dryer sheet in would fix, which I used to do for my son’s sneakers. When I looked up what could possibly help with the smell, I found out cat litter could do the trick…and it did! Which of course made me wonder, what else can I do with cat litter. And we’re talking about clean cat litter…

Clever Ways To Use Cat Litter

  1. Soak Up Oil Spills – My dad used to do this when we were little but I had totally forgotten about it. If you get an oil spot on the garage floor on in the driveway, kitty litter can help get rid of it without scrubbing. Cover the oil-stained area with a thin layer of litter and let it sit overnight (for best results.) The litter soaks up the oil and all you have to do is sweep it up later. For really old stains, pour a little bit of paint thinner over the spot and then add the cat litter.

  2. Erase Spray Paint Graffiti – If you have the misfortune to have your sidewalks covered with spray paint graffiti, you can try a bit of cat litter to remove it. Now I haven’t personally tried this to see if it works because I don’t have this problem and didn’t think my husband wanted me outside spray painting our sidewalks! Supposedly, if you sprinkle cat litter over the paint (make sure you keep it dry,) and then grind it into the sidewalk while wearing a pair of old sneakers, it will help remove the paint. And if it doesn’t work, well, you got a free workout.

  3. Drying Blooms – If you have a flower you’d like to save as a keepsake or use in a craft project, you can dry it fast using litter. Put your bloom in a plastic container with 2 cups of litter. Cover with an airtight lid and let sit for about 5 to 7 days. (The absorbent litter draws moisture out of the blooms.)

  4. Reduce Ashtray Odors – If you smoke, you can help reduce the odor that the ashtrays can accumulate. Just add a thin layer of litter to the ashtray. *If you smoke outside, adding a thicker layer can also help keep the ashtray from blowing away.

  5. Prevent Barbecue Grease Fires – Help prevent grease fires from flaring up in your grill by adding a layer of litter in the bottom of the grill. Change out when the litter becomes soaked with drippings.

  6. Critter Control – Apparently mice and moles don’t like the scent of kitty litter. Maybe it’s because they figure a cat must be around? If you have mole holes or can see the entrance of mouse holes, add some litter to the entrance and it will help keep them away.

  7. Facial Masks – There’s just something about putting cat litter on my face that grosses me out, even though the litter is clean. But if you can get past that... all-natural, 100% clay cat litter that’s scent-free can make an effective and inexpensive mask that detoxifies. Combine 3 tablespoons of litter and 3 tablespoons of water and mix with a mortar and pestle. Apply to face, let sit until it dries and rinse off.

  8. Icy Sidewalks And Better Traction – If you’re out of rock salt and have icy sidewalks, you can sprinkle a thin layer of cat litter over the hazardous area. The litter’s rough texture helps shoes grip the ground better, preventing falls. It doesn’t dissolve like rock salt so eventually, you’ll need to sweep it up. Keep cat litter in your trunk for aiding tire traction in case you get stuck on icy roads.

  9. Cheap Cat Toys – Our cats never seem to appreciate the money I spend on new toys. Instead of the toy itself, they usually would rather play with the package it came in. Here’s a fun (at least I found it fun) and super cheap toy you can make for your cat. Fill an empty childproof vitamin or prescription bottle with about 2 tablespoons of cat litter and then close it. The bottles roll, are light enough for cat bapping, and the litter rattles, keeping cats interested. Spent about an hour “experimenting” with this idea and all the cats had fun (at least I think they did!)

  10. Hydrate Plants – Dry indoor or even outside heat can leave plants parched for moisture. An easy way to help keep them hydrated is to mix equal parts non-clumping cat litter and soil. Then just repot your plants with the mixture. (Litter will hold on to water better than just soil and slowly release that water as your plants need it.)

  11. Paint Cans – Have any paint cans taking up room in the garage even though you don’t need it or it’s almost empty? You can’t throw it in the trash (and if you do, stop.) You can easily solidify what’s in the nearly empty cans by adding cat litter. Use about 1/2 cup litter per 1/4 gallon of paint. Add the litter and let it sit for a day or two or until the paint is dry. Now you can toss it in the garbage. *Oil-based paints should be taken to hazardous waste centers.

  12. Anchor Dried Or Silk Flowers – Love this idea. For dried or silk flower arrangements, use cat litter to help anchor the flowers in place. Super easy and no need for florist foam.

  13. Tone-Up – For a cheap but effective tone-up, even if you don’t have dumbbells or a gym membership, try filling a 16 ounce water bottle up with litter. When full, you can use it as a 2-pound hand weight. The easiest way to get the litter in the bottle is to use a funnel.

  14. Get Rid Of Musty Odors – Perfect for items that don’t get used very often or only seasonally, that acquire a musty smell. For items like picnic coolers, tents, or suitcases…add a layer of cat litter and let sit for a couple of days. Sometimes old hardcover books smell musty, even though they’re in good condition. Place them in a container with a cup of litter, cover with an airtight lid and let sit overnight. This works well for anything that smells musty and can fit in a container.

  15. Trash Can Messes – Ever have something liquid leak in the bottom of your trash can? It’s nasty and then when you lift the bag, you get drips all over the place. To easily avoid this, spread a layer of cat litter in the bottom of the can. The litter will absorb any spills and keep the can smelling fresher. Replace monthly.

  16. Smelly Boots & Shoes – Keep boots, sneakers and shoes from getting smelly with cat litter. Fill the feet of an old pair of hose with litter then tie with a knot just above the ankle. Cut off the legs and you have an instant sachet that easily fits in any footwear. Let it sit overnight and the odors should be gone. I tried this but without the sachet because I didn’t have one single pair of old hose or tights I wanted to cut up. Instead, I laid a piece of paper towel in the bottom of my boots and then sprinkled the cat litter over it. Worked like a charm.

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