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Do you re-gift the gift wrapping paper, bag, ribbon or tissue you use or receive? No? Let me show you how to stretch your wrapping costs!

I’ve been known for saving wrapping paper, tissue, ribbons and bags from numerous occasions, especially Christmas. I figure, it’s still in good shape so why not use it again? I always reuse what ever didn’t get torn or dirty, especially what I either get or use on my own family’s gifts. I never expect to get any wrapping back from friends, nor would I ask. I still have good However, these items can really add up if you don’t get a good deal on them. You could find yourself spending a nice chunk of change, especially if your wrapping heaps of presents.

1) Wired for ribbon. After my 7-year-old and I were looking for just the right colored ribbon last night, he ended up tying some around his head, arm and waist and looked like a red-headed elf ninja! He’s not the only one that loves the ribbon, I do too. Mostly because of the vast array of colors and designs and it’s very forgiving to work with. Ribbon with wire edges is simple to manipulate, keeps its form and can easily be returned to its original shape with a few tugs after being packed away and squashed for 12 months. I wrap them around my fingers into a roll and pack them away perfectly. You can find some pretty ribbon at the dollar store or wait until after Christmas to score some awesome deals on them for next year! If you really want to get into making beautiful bows with ribbon, you can purchase a Bowdabra bow maker for $12 on Amazon. I have had one for eons and love it. I hardly buy ready made bows anymore.

2) Then there’s the tissue. In case you’re wondering, I only reuse the wrinkled tissue as filler in a gift bag, however, I do use new tissue for those nice crisp edges coming out of a bagged gift or to cover an article of clothing in a shirt box. We live near a party store and they always have a good deal on a big package of white tissue. Going cheap doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. ;)

3) Let’s talk about the actual wrapping paper. I will only reuse a large piece on a smaller gift the next year because the paper will always get torn somehow when it’s opened. However, it’s too tempting to not recycle super cute paper. Just cut off the edges that were torn or show and tape. Additionally, save those smaller pieces (or paper remnants) you can’t use off the big rolls or wrapping paper. You never know when you’ll need to wrap a small gift with it! If you have remnants of solid colored paper, you can use it on gifts at any time of the year, just not Christmas!

4) If you want the gift you’re wrapping to really stand out, grab some floral picks at your local craft store when they go on sale. After you’ve tied up your gift with pretty ribbon, just slide one between the bow knot for a gorgeous and far-from-plain presentation! You can also use ornaments, candy canes, bells and pine cones…it’s really up to your own imagination! If it requires a little more strength to stay in place, by all means get out the glue gun and go to town! Additionally, I use these cute little floral picks on our Christmas tree as fillers. They’re not just for floral arrangements!

5) Did you just call me an old bag? Old maybe, but if they still work and look good, why buy new? I can’t stand the idea of spending $5 on a gift bag. As a mother, I understand that kids don’t really care what it looks like but more about what’s inside. Maybe it’s just me, but if I can find a great deal on them, I stock up. Walgreen's seems to have terrific deals on gift bags after Christmas or after any major holiday. Sometimes I can find some really cute ones at the dollar store too. I love gift bags and the time it saves me from actually wrapping a gift. The ones I use for my immediate family and the large hard-to-find bags automatically get recycled. The only thing I’ll do year after year is change the name tags. Goodness knows those are cheap and I’d rather buy those than new bags. When they get really worn looking or torn, that’s when I trash 'em and use new. Every Christmas my dear mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I basically share ribbons and gift bags back and forth on purpose. It’s a little something we started years ago and it works for us.

6) Gotta have gift tags. We have to use gift tags for the apparent reasons, so why not save on those too? Let’s say I gave a gift to my husband and wrote: To Mike Love, Kourt. If I wrote this on a hanging tag, (the ones with the little string on them) I can use it next year too. I like the hanging tags because I can use them on a gift bag or a box. It’s a pretty good assumption he’ll get a gift a year from now so I’m golden. If I put a self adhesive tag on a gift bag, I’ll just use the same bag for him next year because of the tag. That’s if the gift fits next year of course and usually does since he always wants at least one pair of new pajama pants. ;) We all know how that works, right girls?

7) With five kids, it’s a no brainer. Five kids x 6 gifts each = 30 gifts to wrap! That doesn’t include gifts for siblings, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. As such, I feel like I’m swimming in a pool of bows and wrapping paper for the latter part of December. If it wasn’t for recycling all of these lovely bags and ribbon, I’d be swimming in extra expense too! Granted, this isn’t for everyone and some people may get insulted or even say you’re cheap for doing this. If that’s the case, then don’t give those people the same bag they gave you last year. Keeping the tags on them until next year will remind you who gave them to you to insure this doesn’t happen. If it’s from a friend, re-gift the wrapping to one of your kids or husband, not to another friend…just in case the first friend sees it! I’m not talking about the actual gift, just the gift wrapping. Although similar rules apply but it’s not as big of a deal. You’re on your own with re-gifting a gift…lol.

8) Keep your re-gifting wrapping paraphernalia in one place. This is crucial if for no other reason than to be able to find it next year. Always fold everything up nice and neat. If it’s in good shape next year, you’ll be more likely to use it again. Roll up any wired ribbon and put tissue around any floral pick that is delicate. I use a large, flat plastic bin for nothing but recycled wrapping and it works perfectly and keeps everything clean and dry.

Is re-gifting wrapping a gifting faux-pas? Perhaps. However, if you bring up this topic with your relatives and friends, you may find out they do it too! This Girl needs to save when she can and if no one knew that about me yet…they do now!

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