Save on Barbecues

When it comes to entertaining, you can have just as much fun outside as you can indoors and the casual setting can save you time, money and the hassle of sitting down inside.

Using the back yard, a local park or the beach is an easy and inexpensive way to get people together. Many of these spots will have their own barbecue pits. But just because it’s a barbecue, don’t assume hot dogs and hamburgers are the only way to go. When it comes to feeding a crowd, think outside the border. Go Greek with skewers of meat, pans of roasted potatoes and a Greek salad. Or, stuff Mexican tortillas with grilled meat and salsa. Prepare homemade beans for pennies per serving.

Keep an eye out for sales on corn on the cob, barbecue sauce and even charcoal.

Save even more by buying bone-in cuts of meat and cutting it up yourself. Don’t be shy about asking guests to BYOB.

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