When to Score the Best Deals on Clothes

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Saving money just doesn’t apply to groceries but to all things we need, if we think outside the box!

For Winter clothes, the best time to shop is between February and April.

Shopping for winter clothes, pajamas, and coats at this time can save you BIG TIME! What’s great about getting winter clothes now is that come Christmas, you could have an awesome stock of Christmas presents for a fraction of what you’d pay if you shopped for them in November and December.

Forty dollar sweaters can be found for $4…twenty five dollar flannel PJs can be found for as low as $3 and hundred dollar coats can be found from anywhere between $5 -$20! If you happen to score some good deals and are short on room, pick up a few Space bags! You can store your Winter deals in them and hide it under your bed. ;)

For Spring clothes, the best time to shop is around July 4th!

Stores are getting their back-to-school and Fall shipments in. Getting rid of spring clothes is a must. Granted some Spring days you need jackets, other days you need short sleeved shirts. However, if there were a best time to pick out that little black dress, crisp white shirt, a great pair of jeans, rain coat or cardigan, July is the time!

For Summer clothes, the best time to shop is September-October.

By this time, stores are gearing up for Winter and Christmas and they need all the room they can get for those bulky coats and sweaters. If you’ve never found a cute pair of shorts for $1 then you haven’t lived! Because Summer clothes don’t take up as much room as Winter clothes, they’ll be easier to store until next year!

For Fall clothes, the best time to shop is December-January.

Stores are bursting at the seams with Winter clothes and no one is
really thinking about last years Fall line, when they’re usually thinking about snow boots and mittens. Score a few signature pieces at this time. Once Autumn rolls around again, you’ll have a fresh updated look when cooler temps and crisp leaves are upon us.

If you are shopping for children

A good rule of thumb for shopping this far in advance is buy a bigger size than what they wear now. For example, one of my sons usually grows a complete size with in a year, so I buy him one size larger than what he is actually wearing at the time of purchase. You know at what rate your kiddos grow so use that as a measuring stick to gauge what size they’ll need 10 months down the road. Purging what your kids have grown out of is crucial. Unless your saving clothes for younger children, sell them in a garage sale or donate them to the Salvation Army, local Church or battered women’s shelter.

Which stores have the best off season sales?

In my experience, JC Penny, Kohl’s, Sears, K-Mart,Target and Walmart are great places to find some amazing deals. I never just look around. I head straight for the 80-90% off racks. JC Penny often has a few racks for $2.98 and I always keep my eye out for those. Remember to be on several stores’ mailing/email lists so when they have exclusive coupons or sales, you won’t miss out!

Having a family can get expensive, especially when your kids are growing like WILD WEEDS! With these simple shopping plans, not only will you get many items for less, you’ll have a nice clothing stockpile ready when it’s needed. This also comes in handy for gift giving too!

When you work hard for your money, isn’t it nice to know there are other ways to get the biggest bang for your buck?

Kourtenay is the owner of girlswithcoupons.com. She lives in Topeka, Kansas with her husband Mike and five children, ages 7,13,15,17, and 21. Her mission is to help families save money in this challenging economy. From grocery shopping with coupons, printable coupon alerts, finding great deals and timely articles, she is determined to keep more money in your household budget.

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