Teaching Kids About Money

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Just how do you go about teaching kids about money? A lot of how kids learn is by example, right? Well if that’s the case, we’ve been a pretty bad example. Yikes! As with most families, we have debt. We have lived all of our lives pay check to pay check and when there was more month than money, we turned to credit cards to get us through. Always robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I can’t pass that on to my kids. I want them to learn to manage their money differently. My husband and I are starting our Total Money Make Over with Dave Ramsey and so are the kids. I am so excited about the process and the kids are too.

It took us awhile to get here and I’ll talk about our personal journey in another post but I realized that this journey wasn’t just about us. This was also so important for the kids. We had to stop the debt cycle now and start teaching our kids about money.

I remember when I was a kid and I would ask my mom to buy me something. She would tell me that she didn’t have money and I would say, “but you have checks...just write a check.” That’s been my attitude in my adult life but only with credit cards. My kids haven’t quite gotten into that mind set but only because we usually buy them whatever they want. So we’ve fallen into a different trap.

We’ve taught them that they don’t have to work or save for the things they want. All they need to do is ask or keep bugging us and eventually we’ll cave in and buy it for them. They didn’t realize that we might be going into debt in order to do so.

I’m excited to start teaching our kids about money!

I’m working with Dave Ramsey and here are the tools that I’ll be using in teaching our kids about money:

Financial Peace Junior
Teach your children how to handle money while they are young, and they’ll avoid costly mistakes later. Financial Peace Junior is the power of Financial Peace tailored for children ages 3-12.

Junior's Smart Saving Bank
Introducing the ALL NEW Junior’s Smart Saver Bank. Learning about money has never been this fun! The Smart Saver Bank is the smart way to help your kids practice giving, saving and spending wisely!

Kids Super Pack
6-Book Box Set + Financial Peace Junior
Want to make a real difference in a child’s life? For ages 3-12, this includes cool tools for teaching kids about money, including the complete set of Dave’s children’s books each highlighting a different life lesson.

Generation Change Home Edition Bundle
Generation Change is a new suite of Bible studies designed to lead teens to a better understanding of God, themselves & their money—and how it all works together.

(I am really excited about this last one. This set is for my oldest son who is 13. We’re going to start it next week. It looks amazing).

Follow along in our family Total Money Make over and learn the steps for teaching our kids about money! I’d love to hear about your journey too! Stay tuned…posts coming soon!

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