Are We There Yet? Best Apps for Family Road Trips

Angela Skinner Mullen

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Planning a road trip for Spring Break? I don’t know what’s worse, the whining from the back seat from the kids or from myself, constantly on the lookout for a Starbucks. Unplugging might be fine for once you get to your destination, but don’t do it just yet. Arm your devices with apps and not only will you find any amenity you might need on the way, but you’ll keep everyone entertained as well.

Aloqa –Always Be a Local
A lifesaver while traveling in an unfamiliar city. Aloqa is a GPS navigational app that locates all of your favorite places -- restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters and show times, events, sightseeing and more. Choose channels you are interested in, and you can even set alarms to let you know when you are close to…say, a Starbucks.

Download Aloqa Free for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Windows Phone.

AAA TripTik Mobile
Remember the old AAA TripTik from road trips past? Now it’s available as an app to take with you anywhere. Access maps, directions, gas prices, nearby restaurants and events. Even AAA Approved and rated hotels, restaurants, attractions, and campgrounds are included.

AAA TripTik Mobile for Android
AAA TripTik Mobile for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad

Gas Buddy
Gas Buddy will help you find gas stations near your location and allows you to compare prices. Helpful for traveling, and for everyday fill-ups too.

Gas Buddy – Free for Android
Gas Buddy – Free for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad

Repair Pal
There is nothing worse than having any sort of car trouble while you are traveling. Not only can it be dangerous, but add in that you are in an unfamiliar area and have no idea where to go for help. Repair Pal helps you find the closest repair place, and will also give you estimates on what your repair should cost so you don’t get taken advantage of. Roadside assistance is available too.

Repair Pal – Free for Android
Repair Pal – Free for iPhone, iTouch and iPad

Angry Birds
If your family hasn’t gotten addicted to this game yet, now’s the time. This game is for all ages. Evil pigs have taken the bird’s eggs, and they are vying for revenge. The only thing annoying bit is when you fail a level, and the piggies laugh at you.

Angry Birds -- Free for Android
Angry Birds -- $.99 for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad

Abduction is all about poor cows who have been abducted by aliens. Help them get home! Lots of fun, though you have to tilt the screen back and forth in order to move through the levels, which gets tiring.

Abduction – Free for Android

This is the classic version of the crossword game that you can play with others, or against the computer. There are three levels: easy, normal and hard so everyone can play.

Scrabble -- $1.99 for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad

Tune In Radio
This app helps you search through over 50,000 local, global, and internet radio stations.

Tune in Radio – Free for Android

Tune in Radio – Free for iPhone and iPad

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