Bad Money Habits

Mike Iuen

What are some bad money habits? We have a list of some of the worst offenders.

  1. Items That Can Damage Your Wallet And Waist
    We're talking about booze, cigarettes and fast food. If you're a pack-a-day, smoker you'll save almost $240 over 40 days. Quit eating out for 40 days and save about $272 based on statistics.

  2. Bad Credit Card And Credit Report Behavior
    The average household credit card debt is $4,996. With an 18.9% Interest rate, it would take you 11 years to pay that off making minimum payments. Put the credit card away and pay off the old debt.

  3. Ignoring Your Savings
    About 28% of Americans don't have any money tucked away for an emergency. Find a way to trip your budget and set aside some money each month.

  4. Bad Bank Behavior
    Stay away from those ATM fees and overdraft charges. Track your bank charges for 40 days and see what you spend and what you can save.

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