Save Money on Groceries When Dealing With Food Allergies

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A recent survey reported that more than half of all U.S. citizens suffer from one or more food allergies. I have a son who is lactose intolerant and severely allergic to peanuts, and I am allergic to gluten. Finding and buying groceries that we can eat can be a big challenge.

Shopping for groceries without breaking the bank is even more difficult. Over the years, I’ve come up with several ways to save money on groceries while avoiding the foods we cannot eat. Here are some of the strategies I use:

1. Focus on Fresh Foods
Focus on fresh foods to save money at the grocery store. My son and I eat meals that are chock full of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to increase the amount of fresh foods in your diet but don’t want to spend a lot, you can buy groceries at a farmers’ market. The one near my house offers produce of the same quality found at any national grocer, but at significantly lower prices. In fact, the quality of food found at farmers’ markets often far surpasses the quality of the food found in grocery stores.

2. Use Manufacturer Coupons
By searching online for the brands and types of foods that I most often buy, I can frequently find many coupons and discounts. If you shop at a national natural and organic food grocer such as Whole Foods, join their mailing list. You can find out about upcoming sales and also get information about other in-store discounts.

3. Utilize Deal-of-the-Day Websites
Wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and other allergy-free foods are expensive. One way to save on these items is to utilize one of the many deal-of-the-day websites like Groupon or Living Social. Groupon recently offered $20 Whole Foods vouchers for $10 each. I purchased five $10 Whole Foods coupons from the website, which will save me significantly on groceries in the coming weeks.

4. Buy Groceries Online
You can save money when you buy groceries in bulk online. You can find all the major companies that offer gluten-free and dairy-free products on the Internet; plus, many websites offer allergy-free foodstuffs from multiple manufacturers.

In addition to saving money, you can also find a wide selection of foods for people who have food allergies, including many items not carried in your local grocery stores. Stockpile your favorite items when they go on sale, and save more by signing up for email newsletters at the websites that carry your favorite products.

5. Plan Your Menus
Get ideas for family meal planning, and plan your menus for the week and only buy what you need. As a divorced dad, I only see my son twice each week. Because he eats a diet based on fresh foods, I do our grocery shopping the day before he arrives. We follow the menu I have prepared throughout his visit.

Planning meals helps you stay on track at the grocery store. With the high costs of organic vegetables and other allergen-friendly items, it’s important to keep unneeded purchases to a minimum.

6. Purchase a Juicer
The benefits of using a juicer are twofold. I “juice” a drink at least once a day, which has immediate health benefits. In addition, using a juicer reduces food waste. I save the pulp and use it in various recipes. I have concocted delicious carrot bread recipes derived from leftover carrot juice, and a variety of other great tasting recipes from other pulps. If you regularly use fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare allergy-free meals purchasing a juicer can give you never-ending benefits.

7. Get Tested Regularly for Food Allergies
Regular testing for food allergies can save you money when grocery shopping. Even if you have a food allergy now, you may not be allergic to the food in six months. Conversely, as you eliminate one food allergy, you may develop another. We recently learned that my son’s allergy to wheat disappeared. These allergies can change at a fairly rapid rate, and staying on top of current food allergies can help you reduce your grocery bills.

Final Thoughts
No one seems to have a conclusive answer for why instances of food allergies have increased so dramatically in recent years. Without question, food allergies are more prevalent in today’s society. Buying allergen-free groceries is expensive, especially if your family members have multiple allergies. But by using the tips listed here, you can save some money on groceries without sacrificing the health and well-being of your family.

How else do you save money when shopping for family members with food allergies?

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