Need a New Car? Understanding Vehicle Financing

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With the average price of a vehicle exceeding $28,000 on today’s market, most people have to turn to motor vehicle financing in order to purchase a car. Even used cars often exceed $15,000 making financing the only option for many. Direct lending is a form of financing provided by a third party, someone other than the dealership. This could be a bank, finance company or credit union.

Understanding Vehicle Financing

When you agree to finance your car, you are agreeing on the amount you will finance, the rate of interest you will be charged and the length of time it will take you repay the loan. Typically, you do this before you decide on a vehicle. Then, once the deal has been agreed upon with the seller, the proceeds from the loan are used to pay the seller for your motor vehicle.

Choosing Your Finance Company

Many dealers provide motor vehicle financing but for individual reasons, you may prefer to arrange your own financing. Dealerships tend to offer their best deals to those with the very best credit which leaves a lot of people paying considerably more for their vehicles. A low credit score or a relatively recent change in employment can put in line for less than favorable terms and rates. Search for several options including banks can finance companies so you can compare the terms before you sign anything. With the Internet, it is easy to locate lenders and get quotes.

What Affects Your Financing

Several factors affect the terms of your motor vehicle finance. The amount of money you use a down payment, the current market conditions, your credit history and employment history as well as any special offers the lender may have can all have an impact on how your financing arrangements turn out. The age, type and cost of the vehicle also have an impact on the motor vehicle finance arrangements.

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