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A single mom can do anything! Including, doing your own car maintenance. Doing your own maintenance can save money in the long run, and it gives you the added bonus of knowing your car even better – so when there is a problem, you will know it long before the engine gives out on you. But when you open the hood, what you see might be intimidating. Look at all the gadgets and wires and parts! Before you give up and take it downtown for that oil change, read on.

Maintaining your car doesn’t involve doing everything a mechanic does. Instead, maintenance means taking care of the things that keep your vehicle running smoothly. Things like changing the oil, topping off the washer fluid, or replacing the fuses are simple things that anyone can do with a little knowledge and patience.

Start with your owner’s manual. If you don’t have one, go to your local auto parts store and ask if they can help you find it. You can also search online and can often download the owner’s manual in PDF format from the manufacturer. Read through it, preferably while you are sitting in the driveway with your car, so you can identify all the parts the manual mentions. Many manuals will tell you exactly how to change the oil, what kind of oil to use, and what to look for that could indicate a problem. Owner’s manuals are your best friend and will definitely help you save money on your car repairs!

Always use the proper fluids in your vehicle. Brake fluid, power steering fluid, and even window-washer fluid are often specifically designed for your make and model of car. Not only should you make certain to have the proper fluids, make sure to put them in the proper places! Take the time to get to know your car and where every reservoir is, so you can find what you need, even in the middle of the night when you only have a flashlight as your guide.

You can change your own air filters, your own battery, and many other things on the car, perhaps even the spark plugs! If you’re not sure about doing it the first time, take it to a shop and hang around to watch what they’re doing. Explain that you’re a single mother who might not be able to afford to do this again, and the mechanic is bound to start teaching you several things. Learn as much as you can.

Finally, a single mom isn’t afraid of anything, so don’t be afraid of your car! It might seem daunting, but it’s really only a collection of parts, put together a certain way, and it needs certain fluids to keep going. Over time, you will understand that vehicle, save money, and you’ll be proud of yourself for doing your own maintenance!

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