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Why go to college, you may be wondering. College is a very nice platform for single mothers to go to enhance their careers and their educations. College graduates have a higher success rate in life and usually earn more over the long run. After single moms go to college, they have a higher chance of getting a job.

You may think that the college application is really tough and tedious and you may even be stressing about even getting into a good college. Do not worry, because the process is not that hard, you just need to know exactly what it is that the colleges want to see on your application. The college application process is broken up into three major parts - The SAT, Your GPA and Extra-curriculars. This article is going to cover the 3 parts and how to be proficient in sending in your college application to schools around the US.

SAT/ACT Standardized Testing
The first part is the SAT/ACT Standardized Testing. This is a standardized test that schools look at and measure each student’s academic level. There are two tests that colleges will look at – the SAT and ACT. The SAT test is more of a logic based with some questions that might be confusing or even try to mislead you. The SAT only measures your ability of writing, reading and math. The ACT test is more of a straightforward test. Another difference is that the ACT tests science, math and English.

When applying for colleges, the better idea is to take both tests and see which one you score better on. Send the test that you score better on to the colleges. Also, if you want, you can send both test scores for colleges to take a look at your academic variety. However, your only requirement is sending one test to college admissions staff.

Your GPA
Your GPA is also very important when applying to colleges. Colleges really put an emphasis in checking out how you perform. GPA is what determines how you are as a student at school. GPA is your average of all your classes and how you perform in them. Once, your GPA is calculated, you can send it to colleges and that’s how they can compare you as a student with other students from other schools. These may also help you in receiving scholarships and grants for single moms.

Colleges also look at extracurricular and what you are involved in outside of school. The more you are involved and the more you can maintain good grades, the better you look as a student. There are many things you can do under the category of extracurricular:

• A special talent – Dance or Piano lessons can count as extracurricular. Make sure you mention how long you have been doing it and any awards you have received from doing that special talent
• Sports – These can be sports in and out of school. Sports (usually Varsity) are what are also very much looked at. The more active you are in sports and the better you perform is all taken into consideration. Sports are also just very fun!
• An Internship – This is also a great thing to put on your college applications. Anything that you have been working under adults or professionals in an area and learning from them is great to earn some credit with colleges. There are many internships that you can find upon looking.

Now, it is a given that college is a VERY expensive process. But it doesn’t have to be overly expensive and too much out of range. There are many scholarships and grants that are available for single mothers to go to college.

There is also a government agency called the FAFSA that provides help for single moms financially. It is very easy to apply and you receive aid based on your income and how much you spend. Filling out a FAFSA form makes it very easy to get back into college and even have most of your college paid for.

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