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Going green can save you money and it is good for the environment. There are many things that single mothers can do as well when it comes to going green and conserving energy around the house and the community. There are simple day-to-day changes that can be incorporated to really make a change in the environment.

Many changes apply to water. Saving water is something that really seems to be a big thing. First, use warm water when washing clothes. Avoid extremely hot water. Also turn of the sink when you are brushing your teeth or applying soap to the dishes. When watering the plants, do it in the night or early morning when it is cooler out so that you use less water. Try also to take short showers so you will save more water - and time. You can reward yourself with one long shower once a week.

Also try to plant trees and plants. Not only are they good for the environment they have other benefits. They will make your house shadier and you will save fan and air conditioning costs in the summer.

Another way you can save energy is by installing sun roofs. These add lots of light to the house and their benefit is that you have to use less electricity to power your lights.

Also try walking your kids to school and walking to work if you can. You save gas, energy and even avoid the traffic. Another benefit would be that you would get some exercise. If walking is not an option, use public transportation like a bus to save energy.

Doing these simple things in your day-to-day life will really help when you are trying to save energy. On a plus note, it will also help manage your budget.

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