Government Help Offered for Single Mothers

Single Mom Financial Help

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When it comes to making sure that your kids are well taken care of, don’t be afraid of asking for help. As a parent, making sure that your kids are well fed, safely sheltered, educated and warm are as important as the other parenting skills that you provide. There are government agencies to provide help to single mothers who are struggling to provide financially as well as emotionally for the welfare of her family. Unfortunately, many moms are embarrassed to seek out assistance that is available. Others have been met denial of benefits because funding for the program has been exhausted and they have failed to reapply during the following funding cycle.

Most of the federally funded programs are administered at a local or state level, so the benefits and requirements vary. It’s up to the single mom to identify the needs of her family and approach the best agency to ask for help.

How to Start Looking for Government Help

A good place to start looking for help, no matter where you live, is the Department of Social Services. In many cases they can identify the programs that you are eligible for and even help you with the application process. Once you have an appointment, be ready to discuss all of the needs of your family, from assistance with providing nutritious meals to medical care, help with shelter expenses or the need for affordable and reliable day care for the kids. If you are in a position to be able to further your education to be in a better position to support your family in the future, ask about the possibility about financial help to attend college or obtain your GED.

If you have a child who is disabled, or if you are disabled, there are special government agencies that can provide assistance.

What if you are Denied?

If your application for assistance is denied, don’t just let it drop. There are several reasons that you may be unable to immediately receive the help you need.

Call your caseworker for clarification. There may be an error on your application. In this is the reason and the error was not an attempt at fraud, ask the caseworker to help you reapply.

Funding may have run out. A lot of people are applying for short term assistance because of the economy, and funds are used up quickly. Ask your caseworker when the next cycle of funding will be available. Ask if your application will be addressed then or if you will have to reapply. Ask your caseworker if there are other programs that you could apply for that will fill the gap.

If you feel that your application has been wrongly denied, you have the option to appeal, and instructions should appear on your notice. Contact the appropriate departs and state your case without delay.

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