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Single Mothers are often worried about keeping and maintaining a job. Often times, people believe that their skills are inadequate or they do not have enough education under their belts to secure a job. However, as of recently, surprisingly, skills and job requirements aren’t the only thing important to keep a job in today’s economy. These days, to keep a job, even “soft skills” are important.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills have a lot to do with your etiquette and personality and attitude towards your job, not just your qualifications. Many times, these are the skills that truly set you apart and secure your job. Some soft skills include: personality traits, social ability, social grace, communication skills, optimism, friendliness and most of all personal habits along with work ethics. Recently, these skills have been showing more and more importance in finding jobs in the tough economy.

These are the skills that will now set employees with potential from those without. In a interview, you are always being assessed for these skills. Whether it is if you were on time, to how you dressed or whether it was you could keep the conversation flowing. Sometimes, your presentation may overshadow your actual skills. Don’t think you are not capable of a certain job just because you don’t possess the highest degree and don’t have the most work experience. Also remember, how you come across on social networks and email shows loud and clear to anyone looking to hire you. Be confident and let your soft skills go to work.

Some of the more important soft skills are:

Communication – be honest and don’t give a pre-recorded answer. Be natural and come across as a confident prospective employee. At the end of each answer, give a summary to emphasize your main points.

Listening – Have a balance between talking too much or too little. Even if you are receiving criticism or advice, make sure you are taking it in a mature way and are open to the suggestions you are receiving.

Critical Thinking/ decision Making – If you are ever stuck on something, give your self time to think it through so that you are making a good decision. Research the information so that you are making good decisions.

If you aren’t trying to fit in and aren’t trying hard enough on the easy things that matter, you are basically throwing away all opportunities. In this economy, it is no longer the most qualified person who receives the job. The times have changed with the entire job seeking competition and now the person with the most appeal and confidence secures the jobs.

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