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Mothers, especially single mothers are always searching for jobs or careers that make managing and juggling all their responsibilities easier. Because careers aren’t exactly designed for parenting ease, it can be difficult to find a job for which you have childcare all lined up, that will pay the bills and still allow you time with your children. Due to these challenges many single mothers are looking at non-traditional jobs that give them some scheduling flexibility along with financial security.

One drawback to many of these types of jobs is the lack of benefits such as paid sick days, vacation and insurance packages; but many times the advantages far outweigh these things. Simply put, many non-traditional jobs for single mothers that are finding are essentially self employment, contracting or work-for-hire jobs such as freelance writing, online data entry, house cleaning, etc.

Some mothers make and sell crafts online, this enables them to be home with their children, do something they enjoy and make money with it! The same can be said for freelance writing and online data entry or other work from home jobs. Making and selling baked goods is yet another way to earn money from home! Will you make enough money to support your household? That all depends, but even if you can’t switch to being self-employed completely it makes a nice side income that will grow and eventually you can be fully self-employed if you choose to be.

House cleaning is a job that many single mothers find works well for them. With weekly clients a single mom can work 3-4 days a week visiting a few clients a day to earn an income while still having flexible hours, time to take the kids to baseball practice and play dates and even some time to relax!

As mothers, our number one priority is our children. Are they happy, are they content, and are they lonely, do they feel as if they never have time with us? Each of these questions is a concern for a single mom and if she can adapt her work schedule and job responsibilities to allow more time with the kids, regular income and less child care expense it is a good thing for all involved.

There is no definite right or wrong job for a single mom trying to support her family, we do what we must. But keep in mind that there are options and there are choices that you can make to simplify your life and get on the path to being fully self employed and self-sufficient for you and your children in the future!

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