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Unless you have vision coverage with your insurance, you may be able to save some money by buying glasses online. You will not be able to cut down on your actual exam costs this way, but you can significantly save on the actual glasses once you have your prescription in hand.

You may be wondering why glasses that would cost you upwards of $200 at the glasses store can cost as little as $50 online. The answer comes in overhead. When you buy glasses online, they are manufactured at a large facility, often located in China, for very little money. No matter what type of lens or coating you choose, there is little cost involved in putting the glasses together. Shipping them directly to you means you can cut a lot of the costs of paying salespeople, heating buildings, and other common sources of overhead.

Not only that, but when you buy glasses in a store, you are also paying for the designer licensing. Those Tommy Hilfinger glasses do not have more durability than the no-name brand that looks the same, but you will pay significantly for the name brand. While this might be important when it comes to clothing or even shoes, for glasses, it is the lenses that really make a difference, and the lenses are not affected by the brand of the frames.

Of course, using an online retailer to buy glasses does carry a risk. What if they do not fit? You will probably need to spend some time in the glasses shop trying on different pairs to learn what size and shape looks best on you. This can be challenging, because the salesperson is going to work hard to make the sell while you are there. You have to be firm, yet you have to take the time to decide what looks good on you.

In the end, if you can be strong, you will be better off financially, because you will pay far less when buying glasses online. Make sure there is some sort of a return or exchange policy if you make a very poor choice, but in most situations, this can be a very positive financial decision if you can do it right. And, with the little you are spending, you can probably buy two pairs or even afford prescription sunglasses! So be patient, stay strong, and shop online. You will be glad you did!

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