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For the single mom, or anyone else with a lot of distraction, getting the stuff together for the income tax return can be a little overwhelming. Forget a receipt or two and you could miss hundreds of dollars of tax savings. This income tax return checklist will help you get everything you need.

If you have any deductions regarding your children, make sure you have documentation. Child care provider information and statements of how much you have spent, alimony or child support receipts, and social security numbers for your dependents are all necessary.

Make sure you bring all tax-related forms you receive from your work. This might include W-2s, 1099s, 1098 forms from your mortgage, student loans, or education tuition reports, and any other tax related forms that are mailed to you early in the new year.

Many personal expenses are deductible, but you have to have the right documentation. If you made any charitable donations in the tax year, the organization should provide you with a contributions report or any other type of receipt. You can also deduct your medical and dental expenses if they make up a certain percent of your income, so ask your tax preparer about this. Other receipts you want to collect are receipts for alimony paid, tax return preparation fees, wages paid to household employees, retirement plan contributions, and any expenses related to a business you own.

With this tax return checklist, you can gather all of your documentation and take it to your accountant or tax preparation company. This will greatly simplify the tax season for you, freeing you to spend more time with your precious kids.

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