10 Ways for Kids to Have a "Best Bud" Friendship

Hathi Chiti are the Indian words for elephant and ant. The elephant, Hathi, and the ant, Chiti, come from Indian folklore where their adventures together as “best buds” are of legendary proportion.

Hathi and Chiti claim you too can have a "best bud" friendship like theirs. Here’s how:

Tip 1: Goofy lasts longer than serious, just ask the dog! Just like Mickey Mouse’s best bud Goofy, be laid back. There’s no point in being super serious all of the time when life is serious enough. Remember to find the fun in every situation. If you look hard enough, it’s always in there.

Tip 2: If friendships grew on trees, they would be biodegradable. Don’t throw your friend away! Have you ever lost a friend that you thought would be there for life? We all have, that’s why it’s important to never throw the good ones away. They don’t come along often.

Tip 3: If you have a best friend, remember that they are the ‘best’ for a reason. Always stick by your bestest friends. Remember why you think they are the best and cherish them always!

Tip 4: Talking is nice, but listening is an art form. Blah, blah, blah…everyone likes to hear themselves talk, but to be a true friend, you have to learn how to ‘zip it’ and listen to your friend. They matter just as much as you do.

Tip 5: Never argue with the data! If the friendship works, don’t go looking for problems. It’s easy to find things you don’t like about someone. But if you have a true friend, stay positive, and look at the good parts. They will often outweigh the bad.

Tip 6: Your differences make you connect; your similarities make you last. Even if you think you are total opposites, you and your friend will always have a few things in common. These are the things that keep you connected and tuned into the same channel.

Tip 7: Being wrong can be oh so right. Being able to admit that you are wrong is a powerful place to be. You can learn so much from mistakes and your friends can help you see things differently if you are willing to admit that maybe they are right.

Tip 8: It is OK to yell as long as you are smiling when you do it. We all get angry, but all it takes is a simple smile to change how you are feeling inside. Try to always smile when you’re talking to your friend. It’s hard, but if you just try it gets easier.

Tip 9: Compromise wins the prize. If you have a good friend, then you’ve already won! See things the way they see them and they will do the same. Having someone on your side is the best victory you will ever have.

Tip 10: Every problem can be solved over a good meal. Stay nourished and hydrated! Host a tea party, or share a slice of pie. Remember that meals are sacred and should be shared with your friend. Whenever you can, truly nourish your friendship and build your bond.

More about Hathi Chiti

Hathi Chiti Books for Kids is a children’s brand that uses eastern-themed characters and concepts as a gateway to educate little ones about different cultures around the world. For more, visit HathiChiti.com!

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