10 Ways for Singles to Have the Happiest Valentine's Ever

When someone mentions Valentine's Day, it brings to mind thoughts of romantic evenings, candle lit dinners, roses, chocolates, and being with that special someone. But how could you possibly be expected to enjoy this holiday when you are single? Well, it may not be all hearts and kisses, but you can still spread the message of Valentine's Day: Love.

Here are some ideas to have the happiest Valentine's Day ever, even though you may not be in a relationship:

Send a homemade Valentine or heartfelt letter to someone who has really inspired you and tell them how important they are. This will be sure to spread the love.

Take your parents out for a nice dinner, or cook for your whole family. After all, even if you're single, a family's love is really special!

Send flowers or candy to a single friend of yours. Write on the card the Top 10 best things about having them as a friend. Even when you're single, you still have your friends.

Buy your pets something fun for Valentine's Day. A new toy or a treat could be just what you need to spend some fun quality time with Rover or Fluffy. After all, they love you year-round, no matter your relationship status.

Have a singles party. Invite all of your best friends, dress up or dress down. Serve dinner and drinks. Toast to your single status and embrace it. Share stories about bad relationships from your past and have a good laugh.

Go to a public place with a dozen roses. Pass them out to strangers who look stressed or sad, and tell them "Happy Valentine's Day." Who knows, you might even make a new friend.

Bake some heart-shaped cookies or pink frosted cupcakes. Then bring them to work and pass them out to co-workers and friends. Everyone will enjoy this sweet treat.

Have a romantic evening for yourself. Prepare a lovely dinner. Take a candlelit bubble bath. Read a good book you've been meaning to crack. Sometimes loving yourself and doing things you enjoy most are just what you need for a mini pick-me-up.

Busy yourself with volunteer work. Make sure elderly people have a nice Valentine's Day by participating in Meals on Wheels, or that homeless people feel loved while you work at a local soup kitchen. After all, isn't it important to love your fellow man?

Have a romance movie marathon with some of your best single girlfriends or your sister. I mean, if you were with a guy, would they actually want to watch all of your sappy favorites? Probably not. (CLICK HERE for a few lovable favorites, hand-picked for Valentine's Day!)

The main message of Valentine's Day is Love. So make sure to spread it with everyone important in your life and the people who surround you, regardless of your relationship status. And don't worry, there's someone out there for everyone. If you haven't found them yet, it will just make it all the more special when you do. Happy Valentine's Day!

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