Traveling for the Holidays

Holiday traveling can be a stressful adventure. But it doesn't have to be!

Here are some general tips for all the great ways to travel by plane, train, bus, and automobile.

Traveling by Air:

  • Pack wisely. Some airlines only allow one carry-on. Less luggage lightens your load as well as lighten the stress in getting to your destination with it.
  • Try to avoid peak hours of travel.
  • Arrive two to three hours before your flight. If you have to, stay at the airport to ensure you won't miss your flight. If you wish not to stay, have a friend drive you to the airport to avoid extra charges.
  • Contact your travel agent early to ensure you get the flight you want at the price you want. The early you book your flight, the cheaper it may be.
  • Do not pre-wrap gifts. Try to bring collapsible gift bags to wrap the gifts when you arrive to your destination.
  • Be sure to exclude liquids on your carry-on bags. The airport will seize them at security checkpoint.
  • Bring snacks to keep your hunger to your destination low cost. However, be sure they are closed and sealed.
  • Wear shoes that can slip off and on. Most airports require you to take your shoes off at the security checkpoint.
  • Be sure to have ticket in hand upon arrival to airport.

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Traveling by Highway:

  • Have your car checked out to make sure it runs properly for a
    long drive.
  • Be prepared for emergencies on the road. Bring blanket,flashlight, flares, water, snacks, jumper cables, jack, first aid kit,
  • Leave early to avoid peak driving hours.
  • Be calm when driving for long hours. Patience is key!
  • Don't leave valuables in car when traveling.

Click here to view a checklist guide!

Traveling by Bus:

  • Be sure to have ticket in hand upon arrival. Also keep ticket handy, while traveling by bus, just in case you have to show it at any point of your trip.
  • Pack wisely. The less luggage, the better.
  • Keep valuables close when traveling for long periods of time.
  • Bring snacks, water, pillow, blanket, and any other necessities you might need for your trip. This will make your bus ride not only comfortable, but these items will sustain you for your journey.
  • Do not pre-wrap gifts. Try to bring collapsible gift bags to wrap the gifts when you arrive to your destination.

Traveling by Train
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Before airplanes and automobiles exploded onto the scene, rail travel
was the ideal way to travel cross-country. Here are some tips when
traveling by train:

  • Be aware that it can be very expensive in some countries to travel by train. Especially high speed trains can be as expensive as, but more convenient than flying.
  • If possible, try to avoid business rush hours. For local trains, this typically means travel on trains due to arrive at a reasonably large town or city between (roughly) two hours before and one hour after the traditional start of work, and departing the same town between one hour before and two hours after the traditional end of the workday. On the other hand trains in the rush hours are more frequent, and if you don't mind standing, you're more likely to have good connections in rush hour periods.
  • Services in the late evening or early morning are often sparse and not entirely safe.
  • Be on time, or early.
  • Do not walk on the tracks except at an authorized, controlled crossing or under the direction of staff. Look both ways before
    crossing, even if warning devices are not operating. Do not cross against warning devices.
  • Stay behind any yellow lines on platforms except when you are actually boarding.
  • Before boarding a train, wait until all passengers getting off at your station have unboarded.
  • Do not enter or leave any train that is moving or while the doors are closing. If someone is caught in the door, alert the guard or operate the emergency stop/door release lever/button if the train begins to move.
  • Bring snacks to keep low cost, but be sure they are closed and sealed.

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