Homemade New Year's Party Favors

You can always go to the nearest grocery store to pick up party favors, but why not take the time to make some hands-on crafts with the kids this New Year's Eve? From party poppers to noise makers, here are some great ideas to get the fun started. Party Hats If you are going for a cone shaped hat, this is very easy. Grab a paper plate and use scissors to cut one long line into the circle of the plate. Bend down the edges of the plate and shape it into a cone. Staple it once or twice to secure the plate into a cone shape. Snip a rubber with your scissors to make one long elastic piece. Then staple each end to the cone-shaped hat. You can also use ribbon or yarn to tie the party hats on. Use a hole puncher to make a hole big enough to thread your ribbon or yarn through. You can decorate the hats however you choose. Use colored plates to add more interest. You can color, paint, or dip them in glue and glitter. Add curly craft ribbons at the top and pull them through the hole where the plate meets. Secure the ribbons inside with a piece of tape. Noise Makers You can make a noisemaker with an old paper towel or toilet tissue roll. Again, you can decorate the outside with colorful construction paper, paint, magazine clippings, leftover Christmas wrapping, glitter, or whatever else you want. Poke a few holes in the roll, about an inch apart. Cut a piece of waxed paper big enough to fit over one end of the roll. Secure it with a rubber band, and it's ready to go! These are easy and fun to make, and kids will love blowing on these to ring in the New Year! Party Poppers These may not have the same bang to them as store-bought party poppers, but you can stuff treats inside of them that kids will love! Save some of your used paper towel or toilet paper rolls for this craft too. Start by folding in one end of the tube to hold the treats you are going to put inside and hold it upright, closed end down. Next you can pack the tube full of whatever fun treats you think your kids will enjoy most. From little candies to pocket change and small toys, make sure to fill it about three-quarters of the way. Fill the remainder of the tube with glitter, curly paper ribbons, and confetti. You can make your own confetti with some colored paper and a hole punch. Then fold the other end in secure both ends with a piece of tape. Use colored tissue paper or left over gift wrap to cover the outside of the tube, like you are wrapping a present. Leave some excess paper at each end. Give the paper at each end of the tube a twist and tie it off with streamer ribbons. At midnight, let your kids dig into the fun by pulling them apart and let their treats go flying. This can make a little bit of a mess, but New Year's is only once a year, right? Confetti Poppers This is another homemade party favor that can make a little bit of a mess. Just break out the vacuum afterwards, and it's not a big deal. If you want to make poppers that are noisy, these are the kind you are looking for. Get a bag of colored or metallic balloons. Fill the balloons with glitter and homemade confetti, then blow them up and tie them off. You can position balloons throughout the main party room for a big bang at midnight. Pass out pencils decorated with glitter and curly ribbons tied to the end. Everyone will have a great time popping your homemade confetti poppers at midnight. Other New Year's Crafts Why stop the New Year's craft ideas on New Year's Eve? You may want to continue this tradition with your kids as the year goes on. Consider making a time capsule with family photos, letters, other memorable trinkets, and an old shoe box. This would be something great you could crack open next New Year's Eve, or five to ten years from now when your kids are more grown up. Want to think more about the present or near future? Consider making a New Year's Resolution scrap book, tracking what your goals are in the coming year. Make a page for each member of your family to record the results.

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