5 Gift Ideas for Soon-to-Be Mommies

Candace Reid

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The holidays are the perfect time to shower a mommy-to-be with gifts.

It’s true that expecting moms will get plenty of gifts during the baby shower and may have already begun compiling a list for a registry. However, if you have a close friend, sister or other relative who is newly pregnant, you don’t have wait till the baby is almost here to give gifts. Surprise her with unique things that are not just for the baby, but are more so for her. It’ll be something she will love and appreciate throughout her pregnancy journey.

Here are five thoughtful gift ideas for soon to be mommies in their first trimester.

1. Comfy Wear

Even early on in pregnancy, women can experience some aches and discomfort. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes are important. One thoughtful gift is a pair of compression maternity leggings. These are no ordinary leggings. They are specifically designed to help with pregnancy swelling. Not to mention, they can be worn with cute tops and come in different colors. She will appreciate having comfort without having to compromise her sense of fashion.

2. Reading Materials for Pregnant Ladies

There’s an excitement along with a inquisitiveness that comes along with expecting, especially for first time moms. Information regarding physical symptoms, nutrition and other tips and advice would be helpful. A collection of books and magazines geared toward pregnancy is a nice gesture in which she will be grateful.

3. Gift Certificate or Gift Card

This may seem like a generic and common gift. Yet, gift certificates to the right places may just turn out to be one of the most thoughtful things you can give.

Photography – These could be used for glamorous pregnancy pictures or be saved for the baby’s photos.
Salon – As expectant moms prepare for their new bundle of joy, a little pampering will always be appreciated. It’s just a little something that will make her feel beautiful while she enjoys being pregnant.
Maternity Store – For the next few months, she will need to update her wardrobe. A gift card from a nice maternity store will allow her to pick out some fashionable outfits for her growing baby bump.
Restaurants – Pregnancy and food…Need I say more?! Keeping in mind what she is craving and what she cannot eat, treat her to a meal or two. This will definitely make her smile.

4. Pregnancy Pillows

With a little person taking up inventory in a mommy’s tummy, a good night sleep may be harder to come by. Body pillows work wonders when trying to find the perfect position to fall asleep in and just may become an expecting mom’s new best friend.

5. Scrapbook

A nice scrapbook will give a new mom a creative place for ultrasounds pictures, photos documenting the progression of the baby bump, professional pictures and more. She can also write down her feelings and inspired thoughts. This will be a gift that she can start using right away, continue to use throughout the pregnancy and keep after the little one arrives.

You may have a friend or family member with a little on the way. It’s a sweet sentiment to shower her with gifts before the actual shower and give her love and support during this time. These are just a few thought gifts that pregnant ladies in their trimester will enjoy.

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