Halloween Party and Decorating Ideas

Party Fun

Halloween is often considered a holiday of fun. Children can dress as their favorite animated character, superhero, or role model, and adults can awaken the child inside, to become something other then themselves for one day.

Here are a few ways you, your friends, family, and neighbors can celebrate the freakishly fun holiday!

- Halloween Neighborhood Block Party - Get the entire neighborhood involved in the fun, but make it a ‘Halloween style’ shindig. Have the kids and adults in the neighborhood dress up as their favorite character, and have them bring their favorite sweet treat. Bob for apples, have a candy corn toss, and simply enjoy each others company.

- Pumpkin Carving Party - Get your friends, family, neighbors together and visit a local pumpkin patch together. Pick out your favorite pumpkin from the patch, and have a carving party, together! Sip on hot apple cider, sit around a campfire and tell ghost stories too! Bring your favorite recipe for smores, and whip up some tasty treats for everyone.

- Dead Rock Star Halloween - Dress up as your favorite deceased rock star, and dance to the tunes of their music! CLICK HERE to personalize your dead rock star party! Check out ideas for invitations, decorations, and a menu to have a rockin’ good time!

- Halloween Murder Mystery - Have a blast with your guests, while trying to solve a murder mystery! Rent a local venue and dress it up with Halloween inspired décor. Or, dress up your home with ghouls and goblins and give your guests a night they’ll never forget!

CLICK HERE for game kits, invitation, and various game materials to plan the most unique Halloween party on the block!

- Alternative Halloween - Looking for an alternative to Halloween? Find a local venue where you can set up mock carnival games, with a spooky twist. Use spiders and spider webs to decorate your space, and have orange punch for the kids. A few weeks prior to your event, advertise at local restaurants, boutiques and shops, even your neighborhood with a flier, highlighting the time, location and what to expect at your alternative Halloween bash.

Looking for more great party themes and ideas for your Halloween party? CLICK HERE for more great ideas to make this year’s bash better than the last!

If you have a fun theme that you'd like to share, submit a comment and let us know about it!

Spooky Game Time

Every Halloween party needs some fun. So, after you’ve decided what type of party you’ll be having, or attending, check out a few games below to make it a spookily, fun, good time!

For Kids

- Halloween Word Game – Great for kids, of all ages! It’s simple, fun and can be played by multiple people. Make two teams, boys against girls! (This is only an option, but could be a fun one!) Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. Allow a limited amount of time to see who can come up with the most words related to Halloween. At the end of the time limit, whoever has the most words, wins! CLICK HERE for a Halloween inspired template to print!

- Halloween Bingo – Make your own bingo cards with Halloween flair! CLICK HERE to print out fun, Halloween inspired chips. CLICK HERE to print out activity cards for kids! Or, make it a fun craft for the whole family, and make your own!

- Pin the Nose on Jack – Just like the classic game, ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, this game has the same idea! Before the party, draw a Jack-o-Lantern (minus the nose) on a piece of poster board. Hang the poster on the wall and draw one nose for each child. Cut the pieces out, and just before they begin playing, have the child write his/her name on their nose. Then, place a piece of double stick tape on the back, and see who can pin their nose on the Jack-o-Lantern! The closest, wins!

For Teens and Adults

- Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Scavengers hunts can be a fun, exciting diversion for teens or adults. To begin, decide on 10 or more clues for the scavengers. Break them up into teams and divide the clues among them. Each team will have 5 items; whoever can find/locate the items within the clues first, wins! If you want to make it a spooky environment, check out the decorations below to make it fun and freakishly spooky too! For a fun scavenger hunt idea for kids, CLICK HERE.

- Halloween Story Time – It’s an age old tradition … tell a ghostly story to make your guests shiver in fright! To make it interactive for everyone, grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Write a few sentences to begin your scary story. From there, pass the piece of paper around to each guest, so they can add a sentence or two to the story. Once it’s reached the last person, have them end the story, then read it out loud. Not only will this be a good way to interact with each other, but a great way to have a laugh!

- Halloween Movie Trivia – Before guests arrive, select some of your favorite Halloween inspired films. Jot down various clips from each film and make a trivia game for your guests to participate. Show mini clips to have your guests guess what film it is, or before the party, write down movie quotes from each film. Read them aloud and have guests guess what film they’re from. If you want to make it a competition, split your guests into two teams. Whoever gets the most film guesses correct, wins!

Looking for more game ideas for your Halloween party? CLICK HERE for a list of Halloween Party Games, for all ages!

Have a fun game idea? Submit a comment and let us know about it!

Freaky Fun Decorations

- Pumpkins – They’re a staple of Halloween, and they’re really fun to carve out too! Hit up your local pumpkin patch and pick your favorite. Then, have at it! Carve out your favorite animated character, using stencils, or simply carve out a spooky, funny face for the whole neighborhood to smile at.

- Spiders – Sure, spiders are creepy, crawly things, but for your Halloween bash, get a few fake ones to send a little scare to your guests! Not only are they a nice addition to a scary environment, but also cheap and can be found at any local dollar store or discount shop. Whip up a spider web to keep your spiders in! All you need is a little cotton and a little creativity, and your set!

- Fake Blood – What’s a Halloween party without a few special effects? Fake blood is an easy way to make your guests shiver with fright! CLICK HERE for some realistic recipes to make on your own! And beware … it can be messy so use caution!

- Scarecrow – Like pumpkins, scarecrows have become a staple of the Halloween holiday. You can pick one up, already assembled at your local hobby store, or, make it a family affair, and design your own! CLICK HERE for instructions and tools on how to make the best scarecrow on the block!

- Jack-o-Lantern – Another staple of Halloween, Jack-o-Lanterns can be fun or scary! Use stencils to create funny faces, animated characters, or ghostly goblins … and don’t forget the candles to light up your creatures! Place them around your home or outside to add a little Halloween flair!

- Skulls - What's a Halloween party without a few fake skulls? Pick a few up from your local dollar or hobby store and place them wherever your guests will get the most fright!

Looking for more decoration ideas? CLICK HERE to find more ideas on decorating your outdoors with some Halloween fun! Or, if you’re looking for a few decorations that are fun for the entire family, CLICK HERE for some crafty ideas, sure to scare all of your guests!

Submit a comment if you have other decorating ideas for Halloween!

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