7 Habits That Will Increase Your Child's Intelligence

Candace Reid

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If you have a young child, you know that children are like sponges. Their curiosity and passion for learning is what makes them so impressionable. According to childrennow.org, “Investing in the first eight years is critical for children to succeed, both in school and in life.” That’s why it’s so important to establish good learning habits early on. Take a look at these 7 habits that will increase your child’s intelligence.

1) Nutrition
When most people think of nutrition, they think of the important role it plays in physical health. But did you know that nutrition is vital for mental development as well? During the first few years of life, nutrition will lay the foundation for how a child matures both mentally and physically. Urbanchildinstitute.org states that, “A proper balance of nutrients in this formative period is critical for normal brain development. Shortages of nutrients such as iron and iodine can impair cognitive and motor development, and these effects are often irreversible.” Nutritionists advise feeding your children a balanced diet that consists of fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds, and plenty of whole grains.

2) Studying
The key to getting kids to study is to make it fun for them. Luckily there are plenty of online websites that have fun learning activities for kids. Barron’s Test Prep is an excellent tool for increasing your child’s IQ. For younger kids, try ABC Mouse.

3) Establish a Reward System
Having a reward system in place is an excellent way to give your child the proper incentives to display positive behavior. If your child achieves high grades on their report card, treat them to a special reward. An ice cream cone, a new toy or even some extra playtime will motivate your child to continue to excel.

4) Solving Puzzles
Puzzles continue to be an excellent way to stimulate the brain’s cognitive processes. They exercise the part of the brain responsible for problem solving. In addition to puzzles, riddles are another great way to increase your child’s IQ level. Make it a fun family activity that the whole family can get involved in!

5) Educational Entertainment
As an American staple, television continues to permeate its way into our society. Luckily, we can use this technology to our advantage. The Public Broadcasting System (also known as PBS) features educational programs designed with children in mind. Your children don’t have to be susceptible to mindless TV. You have the power to engage them in educational programs that will stimulate their thinking.

6) Creating an Atmosphere for Success
Creating an atmosphere for success is not only good advice for children, but it’s also good advice for adults! In order for children to retain as much information as possible, it’s vital to eliminate all distractions. Ideally, your child should have an area of study that is away from any TVs, computers, and telephones. It should be a quiet area dedicated to educational purposes only.

7) Getting Enough Rest
Burnout is not a good way to increase your child’s intelligence. The goal is to challenge your child intellectually without overdoing it. It can be hard to know where the line is. However, the best way to protect your child from being overburdened with stress is to make sure they have plenty of rest. Make sure they get enough sleep every night and that they take breaks every so often.

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