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I have been having so much fun testing out “As Seen On TV” products and this month I decided to see how Sticky Buddy works. It’s a reusable sticky picker upper that supposedly picks up pet hair, crumbs, lint, cat litter and more. I’m a skeptic when it comes to products that seem too good to be true and it was with much doubt I took it out of the package to use. We have four long-haired cats that shed what seems like millions of pieces of cat hair every time they move. I have tried everything under the sun to easily and inexpensively keep the hair at bay and still haven’t found a “favorite/easy/cheap/actually works” way to do it.

I bought my Sticky Buddy at Bed Bath & Beyond for $6.99 but I had a 20% off coupon so it only cost $5.59. You can also find it at other retail stores for approximately $10. Bed Bath & Beyond had the best price I could find in our area.

Sticky Buddy comes with the regular sized roller but also comes with a handy travel size roller that easily folds up.

I rolled lamp shades, coats, carpeted stairs, and furniture. Here’s the roller after I used it on one of our stairs near a cat box. You can see the stray bits of cat litter it also picked up.

It picks up coins…(I couldn’t find more than these two coins when I tested this and took pictures. Later, I picked up a handful of change and it all stuck to the roller without falling off.)


Now I wouldn’t use this on the counters, instead using a dishcloth, but it did pick the crumbs up. I think this would work great in the car!

Now I read lots of mixed reviews with some loving this and some thinking it was a waste of money. Let me just say, I would totally buy it JUST for the travel sized roller. Yes, the special adhesive fills up fast, but not any faster than my sticky lint rollers. I can go through 5 or 6 sheets of that on just one chair. One of the things I really like about the travel size is that it folds up for easy packing but it also protects it from sticking to other things in your suitcase. I’m actually going to buy another one of these so I can keep a travel sized one in my purse too and give one to my husband to keep at work. Some of the cons I read on the reviews was that it didn’t clean easily. I think that depends on your expectations. For me, I thought it was super easy and quick to clean. You simply rinse under the faucet using lukewarm water and depending on how much you’ve picked up, gently rub. The crumbs easily rinsed off; the hair and lint took a second or two of me rubbing my finger over it while rinsing. You can then shake it dry or use a lint-free towel. I tested, cleaned in between testing, took pictures, and tested more in about 30 minutes so I thought it was easy and quick. Does it take less effort to rip off a sheet off a lint roller? Yes. But this is reusable and for a couple of seconds difference, in my opinion, more economical.

After a couple of seconds cleaning…

I also tested this on my cats. I rolled them with the Sticky Buddy and it actually picked up their loose hair AND the cats loved it! They thought they were getting a deep massage!

So would I recommend this? Yes. Would I buy it again? Yes, and I’m planning on buying another one. Will it work for everyone? Maybe, maybe not.

Just because I like it doesn’t mean you will but I think it delivered what it promised to do and was easy to use. Of course if your 4-year old dumps out an entire box of cookie crumbs in the backseat, it’s going to take you longer to clean up since you’ll have to rinse it off once it’s full of debris. But, chances are, you’d use a vacuum cleaner to clean up a mess that big and if for some reason, you did use a regular lint roller, you’d probably use it all up and still have crumbs. You can use this on clothing, furniture, comforters, carpets, car seats, and like me, on your pet! It also comes with a handy plastic storage piece to help keep it clean when not using.

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