Christmas Clearance…Items You Can Use Throughout The Year

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Even though it’s mid January, there’s still quite a few stores that have Christmas items left that have been deeply discounted. Some items are Christmas specific but there’s a lot of items you can buy and use for other occasions. Of course, if you celebrate Christmas, items like wrapping paper and Christmas ornaments are always great things to stock up on, that won’t go bad, and are easy to store.

I visited Wal-Mart, Target, Gordmans, Ross and Michaels on Thursday and while the stock was dwindling, there were still many bargains to be found. The particular Target I shopped at didn’t have any wrapping supplies or ornaments left but I did find a couple of things that had been put on the shelves, mixed with the regular priced “like” items.

  • Candles will keep from year to year. I love Christmas candles but I would never have bought them at full price which was $7.99. I found some at Gordmans for $1.99 each and bought ten of them. They are in good condition, the packaging is still intact and they will be easy to store away in a cabinet till next year.

  • Dog Treats. Ok, I know that if you own a pet, it’s probably the smartest and cutest animal ever, but…a treat is a treat. They don’t care if it’s in the shape of a candy cane or red and green. If you regularly buy your pet treats or toys, go for the discounted Christmas ones. I found these (for my grand-dog) at Gordmans marked from $5.99 t0 $1.49 and I can guarantee you, he was a happy dog. The pet stores should still have some good deals.

  • Christmas Ribbon and Bows. Here’s an example of “Christmas” that doesn’t necessarily look Christmas. In the right color combinations, these can be used to decorate wrapped presents any time of year. If you have the room, stock up on wrapping paper, boxes, tissue paper, name tags and ribbon for next Christmas. There’s a huge difference in paying full price versus getting the same item for 50 to 75% (or more) off.

  • Christmas Dishes. Bowls, platters and chargers in solid colors are great to have on hand. Next time you go to a party, these dishes can be left with the hostess.

  • Paper Products. Regardless of which holiday has just passed, if you stock up on items like paper products or any similar items like we mentioned, you’ll save a ton of money when you buy them at clearance prices and save you some time when you already have them in stock. And just like we showed, you can find a lot of holiday items you can use for other occasions.

Again, none of these items were that expensive to start with but when you buy a lot of even inexpensive items, they add up. I didn’t “need” any of these but I will use them and save money in the long run.

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