Is It Ok To Email Holiday Greetings Versus Mailing Them?

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I’m a purist when it comes to sending out holiday greetings…I send out cards in the mail, hand-write my labels, write a personal message in each card and sign my holiday newsletter that is enclosed. It takes a lot of time, not to mention money, even though I’ve whittled my list down to about 125 people I send cards to. That’s the way my mom did it and so that’s how I do it.

And there was a time, when it was considered “proper etiquette” to do everything handwritten. But I recently read an article on how many trees are cut down so supply all those cards and paper for letters, not to mention the envelopes. And again, with the price of stamps, it is expensive.

So I went to my favorite “etiquette” site,, to see what they thought about sending holiday cards/newsletters by email and was surprised that they say it’s now OK and perfectly proper. They even suggest that with so many people using Facebook to keep up with family and friends, that Holiday cards and newsletters might eventually become obsolete. And while I’m on the subject of newsletters, I read a poll where it said 53% of people like receiving newsletters, while 47% don’t. The main reason people don’t really want to read your yearly newsletter is because it comes across as “bragging”.

If you are a holiday newsletter kind of person, here’s some suggestions on keeping your letter something others want to read versus them glancing at it and tossing it….

  • Stick to the highlights

  • Send them only to those who care

  • Share positive and not too personal information (I seriously got a letter one time that had an entire paragraph describing someone’s bowel movements!)

  • Keep your letter to one page or less

  • Do write a personal salutation and personally sign it (if you’re sending them out by mail)

  • If sending the letter in a card, a short message in the card is appropriate.

  • If emailing, sent it in an attachment of 1 MB or less and don’t reveal recipient’s names in the “to” line…keep it private by using the Bcc feature.

  • If emailing, send it to personal addresses versus work ones

With my attempt at being greener this past year and the cost of stamps, I’m thinking of sending my holiday newsletter out by email this year but I still haven’t decided. I personally like going to the mail box and seeing a holiday card in there. Whatever I do, I guess I should decide sooner rather than later!

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