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Late at night when you can’t sleep, you turn the TV on, and there’s a “miracle” product being advertised that can solve any of your cleaning, beauty, health or cooking dilemmas you might have. But do they work?

I’ve decided I’m going to test out a new product every month to see how well they work, are they worth the expense and do they live up to the hype. This month my product is the Lint Lizard.

The Lint Lizard is supposed to remove years of lint build up in your dryer, which can help prevent vent fires and make your dryer work more efficiently. On the box it says, “It’s like a magic wand that cleans deep into any dryer.”

For me, the clear hose was difficult to manuever into the dryer vent (mine is on the inside of the dryer). The thick curved plastic tube is very rigid and hard to move or bend. The suction itself is fine as long as you’re holding the end right up next to what you’re trying to suck up but stick it in the vent and it just didnt’ work that great for me.

For my testing, I first used the Lint Lizard, which I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond for $9.99, on the vent to see how much lint, hair and crud I could suck out. Then I used a simple lint brush I bought about 8 years ago (don’t remember where I bought it!) to see if there was anything left.

The pile of lint on the left is what I sucked out with the Lint Lizard…..when I then used my basic brush, the pile on the right is what I pulled out (AFTER using the lint lizard).

For me, I’ll stick with my basic brush, which has worked just fine for all these years and I’ll put the Lint Lizard back in its box and return it.

Of course everyone has different opinions and experiences so if you’ve tried this product out, we’d love to hear if you had good or bad results with it.

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