Cheap and Fun Memorial Day Table Setting Ideas

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Memorial Day is a time for us to reflect back on those we've lost while serving our country and it also marks the beginning of the summer ahead and time for family and friends to begin gathering in back yards and enjoy one another's company.

It’s easy to show your patriotism by decorating your table in red, white, and blue. It looks festive, gets you in the “spirit” of things, and lets your guests know you put some time and effort in to them coming over. There are so many different ways you can decorate and you can do so by spending a little or a lot of money.

Today’s post is going to feature decorating a table on the cheap, yet fun, end of the spectrum, with 99% of everything having come from the Dollar Tree. These are quick, cheap and fun ideas using mostly disposable items that are easy to clean up and are recyclable.

A red, plastic tablecloth sets the whole mood for the table with its bright color and cheeriness. I typically use linen tablecloths but now with young grandchildren, we’ll be switching to these! After you use it, you can either recycle (according to the rules you’re recycling company has) or reuse it. I’ve never seen a plastic tablecloth that was so durable it could double for another dinner but you could wipe it off and save it for painting projects or as a dirt catcher when potting plants. I actually put this one under one of our cat boxes to help keep kitty litter contained. If you have more than one table to decorate, you could stick with the same colors or mix and match.

For the centerpiece, set of the red tablecloth with blue pots filled with flowers. Keep the flowers potted all summer long to help decorate your patio or deck. For an extra festive touch, add American flags to the flower pots!

Dress up your flatware by rolling each setting into napkins and tying it up with silver ribbon.

What's a celebration without bubbles? Mini bubble containers are not only fun for the children, but they work well as napkin weights, party favors and "place cards" for assigned seating.

A wonderful finishing touch to any outdoor party setup is a set of paper lanterns. You can usually find the battery-operated variety at the dollar store. They're safer than using candles and don't require an outlet. Hang them from trees or set them up around your deck or patio for some ambient lighting.

Nothing fancy but for very little money, what an impact and nothing is breakable so you don’t have to worry if the wind picks up. Fun, simple, cheap and you can reuse a lot of these items.

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