Caring for Potted Plants Indoors

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A lot of my outdoor plants are kept in pots (so I can keep them out of the reach of deer). In the colder months I bring them indoors. Here’s a few tips to help keep them healthy (and alive).

  • Choose areas in the house that have good light to set your plants in. To avoid shocking your plants with the reduced light, you can bring them indoors for a few hours each day until you bring them in for good (till spring).

  • Take a close look at your plants to make sure they are free of insects. You can give the leaves a bit of wash with some soapy water to help get rid of them.

  • And don’t over-water. Plants grow slower in the winter months due to lower light levels so just water when necessary.

By properly caring for your plants indoors during cooler months, you’ll have healthy, happy plants to put back outdoors to enjoy all next summer.

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