What You Can Do With Sandpaper

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We were playing ping-pong the other night and one of our paddles’ covering was ripped and therefore my game was off (or at least that’s the excuse I was using). Anyway, we didn’t want to run to the store to buy new paddles so instead, I got some sandpaper and cut out a section to fit the paddle and just glued it on…it worked great and saved me the expense of a new paddle!

Unfortunately, it didn’t help improve my game. That of course got me to thinking of what else you could use sandpaper for…it seems like we always have “leftover” sandpaper in the garage.

Here are nine more ideas that you can use sandpaper for…

Save Shoes – For suede shoes or boots that are dirty or stained, you can gently scuff them with sandpaper to revive the nap and take off MOST stains.

Sharpen Needles – You can revive dull needles by poking them through fine-grit sandpaper once or twice or twist them in a folded piece of sandpaper. It only takes a second or two and they will be as sharp as brand new ones.

Smooth Nails – I have a tendency to lose, misplace or just run out of emery boards. If your nail breaks and you can’t locate an emery board, you can smooth the snag with fine-grit sandpaper…I tried this and it worked great!

Stop Slugs – If you have problems with slugs getting into your potted plants you can easily deter them with sandpaper. Simply cut a round piece slightly wider than your planter and place it under the pot. The abrasive surface will keep the slugs from wanting to ooze across it to get to the plant.

Sharpen Crayons – If you have crayons, sidewalk chalk or pastels that are dull, you can sharpen them quick and easily by rubbing them against a piece of sandpaper. I tried this with our grandson’s sidewalk chalk and it worked….in fact it made the chalk easier to draw with than when it was brand new.

Smooth Soles – We actually had a reader write in months ago about using sandpaper for her pedicures. Rough skin can build up on the soles of your feet and experts warn against tools that shave off skin and chemical smoothers can be harsh and abrasive. Instead, you can try fine-grit sandpaper to buff off the rough edges and make your skin feels soft and smooth again. Make sure you rub on lotion when you’re done.

Open Jars – This is the easiest way I have found to open stubborn jar lids. And it definitely beats my old method of banging the jar lid on the ground, which always makes me think I’m going to break it. Keep a piece of medium-grit sandpaper in your kitchen and the sandpaper, grit side down, will let you get a grip on the lid to turn it easily.

Sharpen Tools – I just tried this on our garden tools that had become dull and it worked like a charm! For chisels, axes or any other tools in the garage that should have a sharp edge to it, this is a great (and easy) way to get it. Wet medium-grit sandpaper and lay it on a very flat and stable surface. The water will hold the sandpaper steady while you rub the edges of the tool in a regular circular motion, alternating sides. Need an even sharper edge. You can hone the edge on a wet piece of super-fine grit paper.

Sharpen Scissors – You can sharpen any dull scissors by simply slicing up a sheet of medium-to-fine grit sandpaper.

And then of course you can always sand with your sandpaper!

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