Things You Should Never Buy Used...Or Can You?

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I saw an article recently that showcased “8 Things You Should Never Buy Used” and one of my favorite items to look for when bargain shopping was featured in the article. Whaaaaaaat?

And while I agree with most of their suggestions, I disagree with their point of “never” buying used shoes and here’s why: if you know what to look for and follow these tips, you can (and should) shop to your heart’s content in the shoe department at your local thrift stores (or garage sales) and pick up some great steals.

  • Always look at the soles for wear and tear. Yes, there are lots of shoes I would never buy because they look like they’ve been worn everyday for the past 10 years but I have found many, many pairs of shoes that look like they’ve never been worn. I personally have donated countless pairs of shoes because I bought them, wore them once and found them uncomfortable. They are in perfect condition but just didn’t work for “me”.

  • Try them on and walk around to make sure they are comfortable and fit your foot-not all sizes fit the same way.

  • Check the heels to make sure they aren’t worn down or uneven.

  • Look for obvious stains and any stitching or seams that looks like they’re about to come apart.

  • Smell them. You don’t have to stick your nose in them but take a whiff…it’s going to be obvious if there’s an odor emanating from them.

Tammy’s Tip ‘O the Day!
If it’s an “icky” thing for you about wearing someone else’s shoes, buy a pair of inserts and it will be like you’re the first one to wear them.

And you know what? If you find a great pair of shoes for $5.00 (used) and they do fall apart in a year or so…well, I think that $5.00 was worth it. I can spend $5.00 on a burger and fries at lunch and not have anything to show for it 10 minutes later…well, there might be some evidence that shows up on my thighs!

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