Save on dining out as a family

Dining out as a family can cost a lot of money. Remember that dining out is a luxury. Here are five steps steps to cut down on the final bill and enjoy!

Five steps steps to trim the bill!

1. Come up with a plan
Decide how often you'll eat out each week. Just once for lunch, once for dinner or whatever works best for you. Come up with a plan so that you don't over do it.

2. Get to know your restaurants
Check out a restaurant's Facebook page or their Twitter account. Scan their website for special offers or promotions. Sign up for email newsletters or a loyalty card. Signing up for emails or cards will lead to lots of free stuff for you!

3. Avoid alcohol
Drinks at the restaurant get expensive. A mixed drink or wine will likely start at $6. That's the cost of a bottle of wine for me at the grocery or liquor store!

I suggest drinking a glass of wine before you go to dinner. Sip it while you get ready. Drink water while you're at the restaurant. If you like, treat yourself to another glass of wine when you get home!

4. Eat with the early birds
We all know that the dinner costs more than lunch menu. Eat lunch or a mid-afternoon meal to save some dollars. Get to know each restaurants offerings to know when to dine.

5. Eat a snack first
If you're famished before you go out to eat, try grabbing a snack. Think of it like this, when you're hungry and grocery shop, yo're very likely to buy more than what is on your list. Restaurants work the same way. Eat some yogurt or a granola bar before you leave the house. This will prevent your eyes from being bigger than your stomach or your wallet.

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